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Terrorism: A Trivial Nuisance Or A Continuing Threat? by The Elephant's Child
January 23, 2010, 5:23 pm
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And back on the National Security front, the Justice Department has announced the release from Guantanamo of a terrorist who conspired to bomb Los Angeles International Airport in the 2000 Millennium plot.  As Andy McCarthy notes:

Hassan Zumiri, who was part of an al-Qaeda affiliated terror cell in Montreal, has been repatriated to his native Algeria — a country so rife with terrorists that it was recently placed on the list of 14 countries whose travelers warrant enhanced screening at airports.  Worse, the Justice Department won’t say whether the terrorist, Hassan Zumiri, and another Gitmo detainee who was also sent to Algeria will be in custody there.  They may be free and clear.

Zemiri later plotted against the U.S. from Afghanistan, where he was captured after 9/11 by the Northern Alliance, near Tora Bora. He’d been held at Gitmo since 2003.

The other Guantanamo detainee transferred to Algeria is Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili.  Hamlili is described from his detention proceedings:

Hamlili is a particularly nasty takfiri, which means he is a hardcore ideologue who believes that not only Christians and Jews, but also most Muslims, are infidels.  In fact, Hamlili allegedly killed Osama bin Laden’s personal representative in Pakistan because Hamlili felt he had violated sharia law. Despite this incident, memos produced at Gitmo note that Hamlili worked for the Taliban, al Qaeda and a variety of other terrorist groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda has an active hub in Algeria  (“al Qaeda  in the Islamic Maghreb”).  The group was formerly known as the “Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat”, and has stepped up attacks on Westerners, including Americans.

The most transparent government in the history of the world has not released any information on what the standards for release are, nor how and who makes that decision.  At least 60 of detainees previously released have returned to the fight.

The 200 that remained at Gitmo are considered so hardened that even the Obama administration couldn’t figure out what to do with them.  They had planned to return a large number of native Yemenis to Yemen until they recently discovered that there was a very active al Qaeda branch in Yemen.

One year after Obama eliminated the CIA’s terrorist interrogation program, the administration has not put in place it’s supposed replacement the “High Value Interrogation Group (HIG).  Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair said that the HIG should have been called in to question Detroit underwear bomber Abdulmutallab, apparently unaware that there is as yet no HIG to call on.

This is low priority since the administration has limited techniques of interrogation to those listed in the Army Field Manual.  Police detectives and district attorneys across the country use more aggressive techniques daily than those in the Army Field Manual.  Obama, according to Marc Thiessen, has “so denuded our terrorist interrogation capability that the Detroit police department has more tools at its disposal.”

This fits right in with all the leftist commentators who have suddenly been comparing statistics on numbers killed by terrorists to the numbers of people killed on the highways or the number dying from cancer to demonstrate that terrorism is not a big deal.  The old “nothing to see here — just move along” ploy.  We try really hard to save the lives of those who have cancer and we try hard to cut the number of highway accidents.  Trying hard to eliminate terrorist attacks is apparently not worth our time.

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