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The Glaciers Aren’t Disappearing, The Warmest Year was 1934, And The Polar Bears Are Not Threatened. The IPCC Is! by The Elephant's Child

The great glaciers of the Himalayan Mountains feed the rivers of South Asia, which in turn feed the people who depend upon them.  The UN’s IPCC announced in their 2007 report that the glaciers were likely to disappear by 2035.  “The receding and thinning of Himalayan glaciers” it wrote in its supposedly definitive report “can be attributed primarily to the [sic] global warming due to increase in anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gasses.” That’s enough to get a lot of people more than a little worried.

Just last November, U.N. climate chief Rajendra Pachauri attacked India’s environment minister for casting doubt on the notion that global warming was causing the rapid melting of Himalayan glaciers.

Tracing things back, it appears that this very widely publicized prediction came from a report in 2005 from the World Wildlife Fund.  The WWF, in turn, based it on a comment made by Indian glacier expert Syed Hasnain in 1999.  Mr. Hasnain now says he was “misquoted.”

The IPCC was warned in 2006 by leading glaciologist Georg Kaser that the 2035 forecast was baseless.  “Mr. Kaser told the Agence France-Presse “This number is not just a little bit wrong, but far out of any order of magnitude.  It is so wrong that it is not even worth discussing.”

This last Wednesday, the IPCC finally got around, a few years late, to acknowledging that the claim was “poorly substantiated,” Mr. Pachauri, according to the Wall Street Journal , also suggested it amounted to little more than a scientific typo.

The U.N.’s IPCC has been assumed by the media and governmental offices around the world to deliver the final word about anything related to global warming, in spite of the fact that their own website says:

The IPCC’s mission is to reflect the science, not create it.  Its duty, it says, is:

assessing the scientific, technical and socioeconomic information relevant for the understanding of the risk of human induced climate change.  It does not carry out new research nor does it monitor climate-related data.

The scientist behind the bogus claim, Dr. Murari Lal, admitted last night that the claim about Himalayan glaciers melting did not rest on peer-reviewed scientific research.  It was included purely to put political pressure on world leaders. “It related to several counties in this region and their water sources.  We thought that if we can highlight it, it will impact policy-makers and politicians and encourage them to take some concrete action.

Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise points out the World Wildlife Fund is an activist organization that has an agenda.  Many documents cited by the IPCC have been authored or co-authored by the WWF, without scientific research behind them

When so many billions of dollars are being committed around the world in the name of halting an anthropogenic global warming that seems to be neither anthropogenic nor alarming, it would be encouraging if some of the participants could just say “We made a mistake, we were wrong.”

Awesomely Awesome Video: Taxman by American Elephant
January 24, 2010, 4:13 pm
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But, awesome as it may be, the fact remains that Obama and the Democrats haven’t really raised taxes at all yet (except their evil tax on tobacco addicts). They have spent over 12 Trillion dollars, and have just raised the debt ceiling again, and have no plans to pay for any of it yet. They still have spending to do! They are still trying to pass Obamacare! They still want to pass another “stimulus”.

What Barack Obama and Democrats are up to is trying to permanently, vastly increase the size and scope of government. They do not believe in the private sector. They do not believe in economic freedom.  They believe in government control.  And they know they have a limited amount of time to make government as big, intrusive and controlling as they can. The “change” that Obama wants is to make as many Americans as possible permanently dependent on Uncle Sam Big Brother.

Like a drug-dealer giving out free crack to get people hooked, Democrats want to get Americans dependent on government first — for their health care, welfare, government jobs. Only when Americans are “addicted” — once they have been forced and tricked into dependence on government — only then will they hit us with the bill.

Intentionally making free people into dependent people is more than just antithetical to everything America stands for — it is evil.

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