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The Left Embarrasses Itself Once Again. by The Elephant's Child

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell gave an impressive Republican response to the State of the Union speech last night. Good looking, he is an effective speaker, and he is joining a remarkable group of young Republican politicians attracting attention on the national scene.

The left has also noticed. Over at Daily Kos, they didn’t like the diverse group that was seated behind the governor.

And the teabagging, bipartisan response in front of an all GOP audience is over.  Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell had a “black woman”, “asian guy”, (sic) and “military guy” behind him.  The seating chart for this thing must have been six months in the making.

The  Center for Media and Democracy headlined their comment “Bob McDonnell, Human Wallpaper & the Stagecraft of the Response to the State of the Union.”

As I watch the response to the State of the Union address, I cannot help but notice that Virginia’s new governor, Bob McDonnell, in his response to the President’s speech, has continued the George W. Bush PR stagecraft in setting the scene for his remarks.  Like tokens, he has four supporters strategically positioned behind him to fit in the television screen: an African-American woman, a white male soldier, an Asian man, and a young woman.

As Jen Rubin points out over at Commentary, “those people aren’t props.  The white woman in the shot is Janet Polarek, secretary of the commonwealth.  Above her is Jim Cheng, secretary of commerce and trade.  The soldier is Staff Sergeant Robert Tenpenny, who served with the governor’s daughter Jeanine McDonnell in Iraq.  Above him is Lisa Hick-Thomas, secretary of administration.  That exquisitely diverse group, in other words, is mostly McDonnell’s cabinet. ”

Rubin adds “it’s good of the Left to point out just how diverse are the people whom McDonnell has selected for key posts. …[H]e also got all-around good reviews from mainstream pundits — and got the Left to embarrass itself.”

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