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Lord Christopher Monckton Wows Audiences In Australia. by The Elephant's Child

Lord Christopher Monckton has been on a speaking tour in Australia, and wowing audiences.  He has the facts at the tip of his fingers and can document everything  he says.  He’s an entertaining speaker.

Christopher Monckton recently appeared in Melbourne, Australia before an enthusiastic audience to explain, once again, the fraud of the global warming scam.  The IPCC has a lot to answer for, as does the profession of journalism.  England has been far more invested in the panic over climate change, but even there,  reality is beginning to penetrate.

The newspapers in the United Kingdom have been much more ready to expose  the University of East Anglia’s CRU and the scandal of ClimateGate, than American papers.  Committed warmists don’t intend to give up without a fight.  And with the exposure of ClimateGate, more cases of fraud and suppression of evidence  have appeared.  Enjoy.

President Obama Proposed a “Spending Freeze,” Here’s What That Means. by The Elephant's Child
February 6, 2010, 8:48 pm
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The talk is all about millions and billions and trillions, and it gets really confusing.  President Obama, in his State of the Union speech proposed a domestic “spending freeze” which sounded good.  The question is — does it mean anything?  The answer seems to be — No, not much.  From the mathematician at Political Math.

(h/t: Jonah Goldberg, The Corner)

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