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Democrats Will Spend President’s Day Celebrating — The Stimulus! by The Elephant's Child

From The National Journal’s ” Hotline”, not, as you might suppose, the Onion:

House Dems will spend the Pres. Day recess marking the 1-year anniversary of the $787B stimulus act, embracing a bill that has them in some political hot water.

Wednesday marks the anniversary of the bill’s passage, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is encouraging Dems to hold events touting its success. As polls show the economy still tops voters’ list of pressing concerns, members’ votes on the bill itself could prove decisive.

“The Recovery Act is a hallmark achievement of this Congress,” Pelosi wrote in a memo to House Dems, obtained by Hotline On Call. In the memo, Pelosi says the bill has created or saved 2M jobs and will “support” 3.5M jobs by the end of the year — numbers that GOPers reject as invented.

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Yeah, the stimulus worked
Unemployment was 7.6% before and now is around 10%
and the REAL number is higher.


Comment by Ron spins

Barack Obama W O N the propaganda battle. Humble guy….He is.

George Bush tried to rein in fannie , and freddie.

The Economic bust came from toxic home loans.

Fiddling while Rome burns?


Comment by Ron spins

And another Dem announced his impending retirement from the Senate.


Comment by zeusiswatching


Great articles and I love the video! Thanks!


I saw that! Just wait, Dems will be trying to turn the upcoming election from a referendum on them into a “throw the bums out”, “anti-incumbent” election, because if voters are angry with Democrats, then Dems will lose everything — if voters are angry with incumbents, then Democrat challengers can at least pick up some seats from Republican incumbents. It’s all about damage control. And of course the media will help them spin the election this way. In fact they’ve already started.


Comment by American Elephant

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