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The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Very First Music Video. by The Elephant's Child
February 19, 2010, 4:20 pm
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Right in tune with the demolition of the activist global warming fraud, CEI’s very own Marlo Lewis comments in musical form. And this is his day job.


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Incredibly catchy tune.
The girls are screaming like he is Elvis.

I have been climategated , berated , and I pay
all the taxes I want to pay.
consensus , shmensus
The times are a changin !

Sometimes I post in the Seattle P.I
This link was before climategate broke and after.
I still love how true global warming believers
drive around in luxury cars, fly in jets , have
mansions , big screen T.Vs …………….

Marlo Lewis is a rising star


Comment by Ron spins

I used to occasionally post at the PI, then when they lost their parasitic hold on the Seattle Times and went out of business (as if they were ever anything but a money LOSER), I happily forgot about them. But it seems they will always have an audience among the Seattle socialists and commies to whom the Times is a RIGHT wing newspaper.


Comment by American Elephant

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