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Yoo Hoo, Secretary Napolitano! by The Elephant's Child

Authorities are searching for 270 Somalis believed to have illegally entered the United States with help from a Virginia man who admitted contacts with an Islamic terrorist group.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Thomas Eyre testified in a hearing in Alexandria’s federal court, that authorities are “concerned” about Anthony Joseph Tracy’s connections to the group.  According to an affidavit filed with the court, Mr. Tracy told authorities that he came in contact with the Somali terrorist organization Al-Shabaab, which announced an alliance with al Qaeda earlier this year.  Tracy has been held without bail.

Tracy’s emails, combined with information on Facebook, show that the Somalis have spread across the country and are living in New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Minnesota and Arizona. They are believed to have made a complex trip from Kenya to Dubai to Moscow to Cuba to South America to Mexico and then across the U.S. Mexico border.

Well, they got the guy who provided fraudulent information for the travel visas, but the 270 Somalis are missing.  You know that fence on the U.S./ Mexico border that they were going to build?  I wonder  how many jobs that would provide?

According to this website, the State Department has admitted 83,991 Somali Muslims in the last 25 years, and had to suspend family reunification because DNA testing revealed widespread immigration fraud.

New Nuclear Plants? Not So Fast! by The Elephant's Child

Last Tuesday, President Obama announced loan guarantees worth $8.3 billion for two new nuclear reactors in Georgia.  Great fanfare and hoopla.  This supposedly makes good on his promise in the State of the Union speech,  to renew federal support for nuclear power as one component of his drive towards “clean energy”and “energy independence.”

Our nuclear policy has been tied up in reams of regulatory  red tape demanded by environmentalists in the wake of the 1979 Three Mile Island Incident which effectively ended new nuclear plant construction.   Loan guarantees could help the industry raise capital for what has been a risky investment.

Mr. Obama’s budget proposal also ended funding for Nevada’s Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.  This leaves America with no long-term solution for storing spent nuclear fuel.  Without a solution to the storage problem, there will be no nuclear power.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the formation of a  “blue-ribbon commission” to develop recommendations for developing a safe, long-term solution to managing the nations’ used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste.  (This was already accomplished, as Yucca Mountain was designated as the safest and most effective repository in the United States, good for at least 10,000 years). This is, of course, payback for Obama’s environmental supporters.

With Yucca Mountain off the table, nuclear energy is off the table.  Once again, President Obama’s pronouncements are not credible.

Clean energy needs redefining.  Most of “clean” was the faulty idea that anything emitting or connected to carbon was “dirty.” This is no longer tenable.  “Energy independence” has always been a fallacious idea based on the idea that we get most of our oil from enemies in the Middle East, which just isn’t the case.

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