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Coercion, Mandates, Rules, Subsidies and Price Controls too! by The Elephant's Child

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced that President Obama had posted his Health Care Reform Proposal online, and sneeringly said that with the Health Care Summit approaching, it might be useful if the Republicans posted theirs if they had one.  (I paraphrase). Which was more than annoying since Republicans have been posting plans for months.

But now and then one hears someone complain that the Republicans aren’t doing anything.  This is not a bipartisan Congress.  The Democrats control the Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House.  Until the election of new Senator Scott Brown, Democrats had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  That a Health Care bill that is opposed by a significant majority of Americans has not passed, is due to a lot of hard work by Congressional Republicans., and they deserve our gratitude.

The President’s proposal is simply the same-old, same-old, with the addition of price controls, which always fail.  But this is not an administration that learns from experience.

Republican proposals are “Common-Sense Health Care Reforms Our Nation Can Afford”.  Representative Paul Ryan  presented “The Patients’ Choice Act” and Jeffrey H. Anderson, director of the Benjamin Rush Society, was speechwriter for HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt, has proposed “The Small Bill.”

John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis has “Consumer Driven Health Care.” If you object to ObamaCare as much as I do, you should take a look at the alternatives in order to understand why the majority of  Americans are so opposed, and why Democrats’ policies are so abhorrent.

The Wall Street Journal comments:

“The President’s Proposal,” as the 11-page White House document is headlined, is in one sense a notable achievement: It manages to take the worst of both the House and Senate bills and combine them into something more destructive.  It includes more taxes, more subsidies and even less cost control than the Senate bill.  And it purports to fix the special-interest favors in the Senate bill not by eliminating them — but by expanding them to everyone.

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This is it ! This is the day that defines
Barack Obamas presidency. good piece

Here is the Senate bill (starting point)
incredibly difficult to read (use search feature)

Click to access getdoc.cgi

I think it will be political theater ( BIG TIME )


Comment by Ron spins

Well Democrats really believe the summit is going to help them, because I got an email from Patty Murray today telling me to be sure to watch. That tells me that Obama is planning some stunts to make himself look good and Republicans look bad. I expect lots of “when did you stop beating your wife” type moments.


Comment by American Elephant

President Obamas meeting with the Republicans
after the State of the Union address went so
well (they thought) that they would try it again.

The Democrat’s hope the Republican’s make
themselves look bad so they can justify
greasing the skids of reconciliation .
I wonder why the Democrat’s just now have
decided to go into “listening mode” after a
year of partisan politics , and sound defeats
from the American people.

The Democrat’s don’t want to scrap their
Mammoth bill , they just want to add
some Republican features to it…Fat chance.


Comment by Ron spins

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