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Speaker Pelosi Provides an Unintended Moment of Hilarity. by The Elephant's Child
February 25, 2010, 8:40 pm
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I suppose she actually believes this.  Do you think she ever had a course in economics? Nah.  When you take money out of a taxpayer’s pocket, give it to someone as a grant, oh never mind. You cannot explain to a liberal.

You have one of her compatriots explaining health care by describing some woman who was wearing her sister’s false teeth.

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the problem with their argument is that it is entirely semantical. The creation of government ordained jobs is that everyone of them is a net negative that costs taxpayer money, unless these people are so benevloent as to work for free.


Comment by Mike Lovell

Liberals happen to be good at pulling
numbers out of their posteriors.
This phenomenon happens more often when they
are running for office , or re-election.

I typed jobs in the Senate bill……..

Possibly it’s I.R.S Jobs to track down and
prosecute the miscreants that don’t have


Comment by Ron spins

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