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The Green Jobs Myth, and Clean Green Energy is a Myth As Well. by The Elephant's Child
February 26, 2010, 9:02 pm
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In spite of the hoopla of the Blair House theater summit yesterday, the American people keep trying to remind the President and Congress that health care ranks pretty far down on their list.  They are much more concerned about the economy and unemployment.

“Green jobs” remain a central pillar of the Obama administration’s policy to promote clean energy.  New jobless claims were up by 22,000 this week, over last week.  But how does the administration’s claim stand up? The facts challenge policymakers’ wishful thinking.

The Obama administration has allocated more than $4 billion in funding from the Stimulus bill to the “smart grid,” for its job-creation potential.  Much of this is to be spent installing close to 20 million “smart meters” over the next five years.

Smart meters are digital versions of the spinning electric meter on every house.  Spinning meters haven’t changed in the last century, and must be read by workers.  Smart meters automatically transmit consumption data for electricity to a utility.  By essentially eliminating human intervention, smart meters promise more accurate usage measurement as well as efficient management of energy production resources.

Farewell to meter-readers.

It takes one worker today roughly 15 minutes to read a single meter. So in a day, a meter reader can scan about 30 meters, or about 700 meters a month. Meters are typically read once a month, making it the base period to calculate meter-reading jobs. Reading a million meters every month engages about 1,400 personnel. In five years, 20 million manually read meters are expected to disappear, taking with them some  28,000 meter-reading jobs.

Nearly 40 million smart meters have been installed worldwide, mostly in Europe.  The jobs created in this industry can be broadly classified into four categories: installation, manufacturing, research and development and information technology services.

It takes two certified electricians about 30 minutes to replace a spinning meter.  About 5,000 a year, for 400 installation jobs or 1,600 jobs over 5 years to install 20 million meters.

Manufacturing is highly automated, and mostly accomplished overseas, with American jobs only in the hundreds.  In R&D and IT services, the number of jobs created is forecast to be in the hundreds or low thousands.

So smart metering will result in net job destruction.  The “clean energy” jobs from wind and solar, in Spain resulted in a loss of 2.5 jobs in the private sector for every “green job.” Electric vehicles are a promising green sector, but the technology is not yet there, and jobs would simply be cannibalized from gasoline powered cars.

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Algore , must have been working on his
New York Times manifesto for weeks now.
Of course he had to surface at some point
to try to prop up his failed A.G.W scam.,201030876.aspx forced green energy

Cap and Trade legislation will be forced
on us , just like the Health Care bill. Algore


Comment by Ron spins

It’s true that smart metering offers several advantages like automated monitoring and targeting. They actually give energy managers more power to help reduce energy costs, meet CRC regulations and helpn achieve their energy reduction targets. I found some more info on Energy Management on the E360 website, that might help as well. Cheers


Comment by Energy Management

Yes, governments have regulations about reducing carbon. Useless regulations. Carbon dioxide is an odorless, colorless trace gas in the atmosphere, and one of the building blocks of life. It is a natural fertilizer for plants. Increases in CO2 follow increases in temperature by hundreds of years, and cannot be a cause of warming. The quest to diminish carbon in the atmosphere would accomplish nothing measurable, and involves regulations offering more control of the economy and more taxes, but no benefits.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I agree only partly with the above commentor. This because while CO2 may have little influence in the near-term, reductions remains critical for containing climate change in the long run. Thigs like ‘aerosols’ are short-lived, settling out of the air after a few months, while CO2 continues to heat the atmosphere for decades to centuries.

Moreover, we cannot assume that aerosol (for example) emissions will keep pace with increases in CO2 emissions. If we fail start dealing with CO2 today, it will be too late down the road when the emissions catch up with us.


Comment by BEMS

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a benign, odorless, colorless gas that is a natural fertilizer for plants. It is what we exhale when we breathe. It has no effect on climate change. It is merely a trace gas in the atmosphere, and arises from the oceans. Increases in CO2 follow warming in the atmosphere by as much as 100 years.

Sorry, BEMS, but you have been had. “Global Warming” has always been a political game aimed at control. Climategate, and exposure of the scandal of the CRU at the University of East Anglia, should have put paid to the whole thing, which has been based on lies. Phil Jones, head of the CRU gathered in over $20 million in grants, yet the work of the CRU has turned out to be simply fiction. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere now is at a low, and has been far higher in the past.
Visit , , http://www.wattsupwiththat , , ,
Climate change is a natural phenomenon caused by the activity of the sun and cosmic rays. Look up climate change on the other planets, like Pluto. Not caused by people’s emissions of CO2.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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