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Toyota Hybrid Scary Hoax, Should We Expect the Media to Investigate? by The Elephant's Child

The MSM ECM (Echo-Chamber Media) reported on a runaway Toyota Prius in breathtaking prose — “out of control” (CBS),   “20 harrowing minutes” (NBC) , “unable to turn off the engine,””zooming faster than 90 miles per  hour,” and so on.  Turns out that none of the overblown prose was true.  James Sikes story, as told to reporters, could be falsified in nothing flat, as Michael Fumento proceeded to do.

Seems like most everyone thought that Sikes story was a hoax, but nobody was willing to pursue it.  More interesting to have Toyota raked over the Congressional coals in Washington, and  improve the outlook for Government Motors. The ECM seemed determined not to investigate Sikes claims.

Seems that Mr. Sikes and his wife are over $700,000 in debt, and among their creditors is Toyota Financial Services for a 2008 Toyota Prius.  Mr. Sikes has a history of filing insurance claims for allegedly stolen items, and additional information continues to pour in, none of which looks good for Mr. Sikes.  Did he expect a big payoff from Toyota?

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And the Stooges in the Mainstream Media will investigate and retract this story in 3…2…oh forget it. We know that will never happen while Government Motors can get the upper hand.


Comment by FreedomsWings

Exactly right, FW. Thanks for coming by!


Comment by American Elephant

Looks like Mr.Sikes got his 13 seconds of fame.
Reminds me of the balloon boy hoax.
The 2008 PRIUS did not have the defective
accelerator pedal problem only the floor mat
Claiming a car may flip putting it in neutral
is counter intuitive.
Throw the book at people like this……
He could have killed someone.!

Toyota has deep pockets , Yes !


Comment by Ron spins

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