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The Great Issue is Debt, and Jobs, and Jobs and Jobs… by The Elephant's Child
March 15, 2010, 11:41 pm
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This image appeared with an article in the New York Times talking about the President’s drive to pass health care reform.  The over-the-top artwork is by Nola Lopez from a photo by Damon Winter.  The president is apparently quite comfortable with images that portray him as some kind of Messiah. I cannot imagine any other president in history who would have tolerated such excess.

Jonah Goldberg recently commented at National Review: “Since taking office, Obama has continued to see the presidency as the perfect perch from which to campaign for the job he already has.”

The President today went to Ohio to continue his permanent campaign on health care legislation.  His campaign events during the 2008 presidential race attracted thousands of Ohioans.  This time he managed a crowd of about 200 people.  He has negative approval numbers in Ohio ( 34 percent approve of the job he is doing, 58 percent disapprove).

Ohioans care about jobs and the economy.  They want the president to focus like a laser on jobs, as he promised in the State of the Union address.  But ObamaCare is a job-killing program.   The center of the Democrat plan is a promise to provide subsidized insurance coverage to some 35 to 40 million people. This will cost about $200 billion a year by 2019.   Despite all the talk about “bending the cost curve” the CBO says the price will grow by 8 percent a year every year after that — in the same way Medicare and Medicaid have grown over the last  four decades.  Another runaway entitlement program is piled on top of the unaffordable ones that are already bankrupting the country.  The bill is so poorly designed that its implications  for the economy could be huge, and disastrous.  The incentives in the bill are destructive.

Democrat party leaders honestly think enactment of ObamaCare will yield political dividends.  55 percent thought that passage would help their party a lot.  They seem to live in an alternate universe.  They hear every day from a far-left base, that they must support whatever Team Obama wants. They get cherry-picked poll results .  They watch MSNBC, read the liberal blogs and the New York Times editorial page, and they have faith that their charismatic president won’t let them down.  They probably believe firmly in President Obama’s description of what is in ObamaCare.

Republicans, on the other hand, cannot believe what Democrats are doing.  They are convinced that they are committing political suicide.  Obama’s descriptions of ObamaCare bear no relationship to what is actually in the bill. Nancy Pelosi’s description of the bill as a “jobs bill” that would create 400,000 jobs seems like a line from Alice in Wonderland.  What can they possibly be thinking?

The president says, as he did on the campaign trail, that which he believes people want to hear.  It’s far past time that he stopped campaigning, and started being president — the office that he campaigned for.

Is This Any Way to Create Export Jobs? by The Elephant's Child

Almost everyone, except the United State Congress, agrees.  What the country needs are more jobs.  Well,  never fear, Obama’s here.  How do you create new jobs? As the president promised on Thursday, according to Irwin Stelzer:

We are to have a “National Export Initiative,” and “export promotion cabinet” consisting of representatives of several federal agencies, a private sector advisory committee on international trade, and promotion of exports by a president who will get tough with our trading partners who “have not played by the same set of rules” as we have.  Push exports, and make it more difficult for our trading partners to send stuff to us, unless they conform to our notions of proper labor and environmental standards.

That’s just the ticket.  To create jobs, always erect another government bureaucracy.  If you don’t create any jobs in the private sector, at least you’re creating a whole bunch in government.  Unfortunately the only way you can pay all the new bureaucrats is by taking more out of the wallets of all those people looking for jobs.

Obama claims that by subsidizing “green energy sources” he will create  “technologies that will dominate world markets, creating millions of export-based jobs.”  But the wind turbines on which he is lavishing money are made in China, not here.  The environmental wing of the left is determined to prevent any drilling for natural gas and oil, and is opposed to the construction of new coal plants — our plentiful sources of energy.  He has promised to encourage the construction of new nuclear plants, but has canceled the Yucca Mountain depository for nuclear waste.

Free trade agreements with our South American friends have been put on the back burner; there are quarrels with many of our trading partners. Obama’s policies attack the competitiveness of American business with regulations that needlessly drive up costs, and attack the incentives to innovate and develop new products.  Two million new export jobs sound  like another White House fantasy.

Must be Academy Award Season? by The Elephant's Child
March 15, 2010, 12:51 am
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When it is Academy Award season, one is left wondering if there is any other group that, um, honors itself quite so much as the entertainment industry? Award shows, statues, trophies, designer dresses, red carpets.

Is there any other business that gets its successes and failures of the week announced on The News on radio, TV and in the newspapers?  Isn’t this a little odd?  Nobody talks about the best-selling tee-shirt of the week, or even the best-selling car.  How did they manage to get that much free advertising?

Perhaps you have seen this hilarious video elsewhere, but I wouldn’t want you to miss it.  Movie clichés of the year.

(h/t: The Corner)

A Sign of the Times, Don’t You Think? by The Elephant's Child

Remember “Fat Cats?”  How about “Greedy Executives Loot Failing Company?”  The failing business which has fallen on hard times would be the New York Times Company.  Most newspapers are not doing well these days, and have laid off employees.

The New York Times, however, stands out —  declining ad revenue, layoffs, frozen pension plans, unpaid vacations and a five percent pay cut for most of the rank-and-file workers last year. Not a pretty picture.

“Our members are really unhappy with what is happening,” said Bill O’Meara, president of the Newspaper Guild of New York.  “They made a voluntary sacrifice to give up some of their pay to help the company out. People are losing their jobs still.”

Chairman Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger, presiding over this mess, reaped  a hefty reward last year, more than doubling his total compensation to $6 million.  CEO Janet Robinson got a 31..9 hike, to $6.3 million.  Sulzberger gained his position because his family owns a large chunk of the company.

The editing function of the paper will be moved to the Gainesville Sun, a Florida newspaper owned by the Times.  Their newsroom is not unionized and has lower salaries, and will take over editing and page design.

I’m Posting this Because I Like It a Lot! by The Elephant's Child
March 15, 2010, 12:03 am
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