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Another Very Bad Day! by American Elephant

Sorry that I have been missing.  My computer is in the shop with an as yet undiagnosed ailment. I am suffering from the first cold I’ve had in years –and who suffers more (visibly and loudly) than someone who has contracted the common cold?

This is not a good day to be afflicted with Democrat gloating that they have managed, by foul and dishonest means, to pass an appallingly bad healthcare bill that will damage the economy even more, kill more jobs, and fail to achieve any of the benefits attributed to it by either the president or Congressional leaders.  A pitifully disgraceful effort.

As he signed it with some twenty different pens (keepsakes) the president said: “Insurance companies will no longer be able to drop someone because they got sick!

My point exactly.  It has been illegal for an insurance company to drop someone “because they got sick” for years, both by state law and by federal law.  This is just another one of the false claims Democrats made to influence people who don’t know any better.  The president in full campaign mode,is, as usual, unconcerned with accuracy, but only with getting his way.

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