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When You Make Bad Choices, You Have to Pay the Consequences! by American Elephant
March 24, 2010, 1:16 am
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We have a country mired in financial crisis, with out-of-control spending, escalating national debt and escalating deficits.  On the international scene, we are fighting one war and winding down a second one — trying to protect a fledgling democracy  as it proudly holds free elections.

We have had a further terrorist attack on this country, fortunately unsuccessful.  The country that funds, trains, and foments almost all of the Islamist terrorism in the world is actively seeking nuclear weapons.

So what has our president chosen as the most important question to be addressed in his first year?  Reforming the health care system that is the envy of the world, by convincing people that poor Americans who are lacking health insurance are dying in the streets, the victims of voracious insurance companies.  People in Europe and Canada actually believe this blatant nonsense.

“Repeal and Replace” is the rallying cry.

I am convinced that economics will accomplish what neither politics nor common sense has been able to reach in the vanity and conceit of the political class.  Despite the gloating and huzzahs of the Democrats, there is more to reforming health care than just saying “Make it so!” In spite of all the speeches, economic reality is going to rear its ferocious head.  ObamaCare has always carried the seeds of its own destruction.  It’s not going to be pretty.

My Objections Are Numerous, My Complaints Are Too! by American Elephant

My differences with the Democrats on ObamaCare are numerous and specific.  Some are simply philosophical.  To me health care is about healing the sick and injured, caring for the frail and elderly, not about whether every healthy person gets their annual checkup on time.

Democrats care about everyone having insurance coverage.  Since they have specifically rejected every proven way of reducing the costs involved, and they intend to insure another 30 million uninsured people; simply taxing rich people, tanning salons and plastic water bottles isn’t going to cover it — not by a long shot.  It is doubtful if they can raise taxes enough. That leaves rationing of care.

Obama’s healthcare advisers: Tom Daschle, Ezekiel Emanuel and Peter Orzag, all point out that most of the costs of health care come in the last years, and it just isn’t cost-effective to be paying for expensive joint replacement, organ transplant, stents or pacemakers for folks so close to kicking the bucket.  Better to invest the money in young healthy productive people.  Thus, you have Oregon denying an expensive, but possibly life-saving, drug for an older patient, but offering assisted suicide as an alternative.  And just to make sure that they get the last dime out of our older citizens, they are taxing the wheelchair that you’d be confined to when they denied your joint replacement.

Other differences are partisan.  I have to admit that I just do not understand the mindset of the Left.  How any sentient being can believe, after all the evidence of the entire Twentieth Century, that socialism in any form offers any sort of radiant future is beyond me. We have evidence, over and over, from one country after another that Socialism simply doesn’t work. The Left believes that this time it will be different.

How can the left look at policies, and be completely unconcerned with the evidence, the studies, the careful cost evaluations?  They tell themselves lies, lie to the American people, and are sure that it won’t matter.  They do not understand nor consider consequences or incentives, and do not grasp why people do not act as they expect them to.  How can anyone look at the history of this country or any country and assume that things can be better done by government.  What exactly has government ever done well?

When it first became apparent that Democrats were excluding themselves, all of Congress and the administration and the senior staffers who actually wrote the bill [yes — pg. 158] from any provisions of the health care bill  — that should have been one big enormous clue to the nature of Democrat plans.

Sometimes clues aren’t enough.  Sad.  So here we are.

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