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Not Just a Blunder, but an Immense Blunder! by American Elephant
March 28, 2010, 9:31 pm
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This has been an amazing time.  President Obama, fresh from a victory in passing a very dirty health care reform bill, now feels it necessary to go out to “sell” ObamaCare.  Apparently some 54 (?) speeches before the vote in Congress didn’t succeed in selling it, so he’s now going to give some more speeches — mostly to sneer at and disparage those who cry “Repeal.” This is probably not wise.

The bill passed by a very tiny margin, and passed only because of sleazy backroom threats and bribes, by a Democrat Congress that clearly isn’t  enamored with what they have wrought.  It passed in the face of the vast disapproval of the American public, who expressed themselves very clearly in poll after poll.  The people do not like this bill.  They did not want it, and as the folks who assume that they are getting free heath care wake up to reality, opposition will only climb.

Can it be repealed?  Those who have watched the British and the Canadians passively accept treatment that we would not stand for, because it is “free,”are afraid that it cannot be repealed.  But Americans thought Social Security and Medicare were good ideas at the time. They weren’t demanding ObamaCare, they were demanding jobs and a recovering business climate. Perhaps the greatest lack of communication ever.  Or the most arrogant choice to refuse to listen.

There was a time when we thought Prohibition was a good idea. It was a Constitutional amendment, for we were sure that it was a fine and permanent thing. It wasn’t and we repealed the amendment.

Slavery was the way of the world.  Every society on earth had practiced slavery, and in spite of an angrily divided country, we repealed that too.

The thing that I find most amazing are the folks who seem to think that it is time we imitated the more advanced Europeans. Where did they get the idea that Europeans are in any way more advanced? America has always been a beacon of freedom to the oppressed peoples of old Europe.

Our economy is in dreadful shape, and one business after another is reporting on the disastrous effects the health care bill will have on them.  The “jobs bill” just passed will do little to create any jobs, and Obamacare is a huge job killer.  But rather than directly address any of the real problems, the Democrats are urgently chasing old, tired, unworkable liberal ideas left over from failed administrations, from long ago.

Democrats told us back in 2004 that the trouble was that they didn’t have any ideas.  I’m afraid that for once, they were right.

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I’m glad you get it, Ron. Keep explaining it to everyone you can. The thing is, that’s what the entire Obama presidency is about: everything they have done has been about expanding government power and entrenching Democrats in power. After 40 years in power, they were out of power for 12 years, and Democrats first, second, and third priorities have been trying to ensure they never lose power again.


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