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Unpopular President Growing Even More Unpopular by American Elephant
April 2, 2010, 5:55 am
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Turns out Americans are increasingly deciding they don’t care for Obama’s “whether you like it or not” presidency:

President Obama’s overall job approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 44 percent, down five points from late March…

…When it comes to health care, the President’s approval rating is even lower — and is also a new all-time low. Only 34 percent approved, while 55 percent said they disapproved…

… Just 42 percent said they approved of how President Obama is handling the economy, only one point above January’s all-time low. Half of the public disapproves. [read more]

And that’s from CBS, the journalistic equivalent of the royal wipers from Coming to America. When even CBS can no longer hide the decline, you know the Obama presidency is in real trouble.

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The unemployment situation is worse than everyone
realizes and more and more people are waking
out of their slumber.


Comment by Ron spins

and more people are waking
out of their slumber.

Actually, what I find discouraging is that Obama SHOULD be much more unpopular than he is. People aren’t waking up fast enough!


Comment by American Elephant

The other day I saw a man and his wife
pushing a lawnmower down the street offering
to mow lawns.
That was a kids job.
Obama has messed around for a year plus now
about Health Care , and he isn’t done lecturing
us about it yet.
It’s kinda like you know what going downhill..
….it’s gaining steam.


Comment by Ron spins

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