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Big Government Intrudes in Your Life, Part III. by The Elephant's Child
April 4, 2010, 10:05 pm
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There were the shower heads, the low-flush toilets, and upcoming before we know it, will be the mandate to use only CFL (twisty) light bulbs.  The latter is ostensibly to save energy, but the only reason to save energy is because of the government’s refusal to drill for oil or natural gas, and its war on coal all in the name of stopping a non-existent global warming and keeping CO2, a natural plant fertilizer, out of the atmosphere which is actually short of CO2.

Liberals are control freaks.  They want to remove all annoyances from life — not things that annoy us, like government over-regulation, but things that annoy them.   Mayor Bloomberg of New York and now Governor Schwarzenegger of California have banned trans-fats.  The only problem is that there is no evidence whatsoever that trans-fats are harmful to anyone.

It’s time to shape up the American population.  Attacks on fast food of any kind will continue.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act contains a little section requiring restaurants to disclose calorie counts on their menu boards.  Envision Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and Waxman and the others all sitting around a table in a backroom trying to decide just what to do about American obesity.  Obviously they don’t often patronize fast food restaurants and have never seen the menu boards behind the counter.

Seems so simple.  Just add nutritional information for each item on the menu.  Picking a can at random from my pantry shelf, you have: Calories, Calories from fat. Total fat, Saturated fat, Trans fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Total carbohydrates, Fiber, Sugars, and Protein, and then there are vitamins A and C, Calcium and Iron.  On the back of my can, it takes up a space of about 1″ x 2″, and includes teeny tiny type.  On a behind-the-counter menu board  it all has to be easy to read from a distance.  Details, details!

Can you spell l-i-t-i-g-a-t-i-o-n ?  Does publishing caloric information constitute advertising?  So you run up against the truth in advertising rules.  Suppliers change frequently, does that mean doing the whole thing over? Can you take the supplier’s word for the information, or do you have to have each item tested yourself?  When all these extra costs are added, can you still churn out innovative menu items?  If you cannot raise the price of the food, where do you put the extra costs?

Democrats have no grasp of consequences. Actions always have consequences, and the consequences have consequences.  Would anyone read the calories on the menu board?  If they read them would that change their behavior?  And what business is it of the government anyway.   This is a huge bomb of mass economic destruction on an economy in the throes of a semi-permanent depression.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air talked the federal menu mandate over with a vice president of Davanni’s pizza chain in the Twin Cities.  More lost jobs, reduced choices for customers, money that might have funded more jobs wasted, because political elites fail to understand that Americans are perfectly capable of seeking out such information for themselves.

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the twisty lightbulbs that are energy savers and supposed to last longer than regular incandescent light bulbs… my bathroom, BIG FAIL. in-line 3 configuration. twisties on the end, incandescent in the middle….the incandescent still burning despite being in use prior to the purchase of the twisties….one twisty died 2 weeks ago, the other one just last week. Energy saving my patootie!
Costs more, lasts less…..yeah, I’m seeing “real” savings alright. When I go get the cheap longer lasting incandescents!


Comment by Mike Lovell

The Nanny state
If we don’t watch out we will turn out just
like The United Kingdom of Britain.
The consequences of twisties.,2933,268747,00.html

Old technology


Comment by Ron spins

I would also add that they light produced by the “twisty” is not as bright. It is also not as easy on the eyes. No thanks, keep your sixty watt twisty, I’ll continue to burn more coal. It keeps the economy in my state going.

Not to mention the environmental hazards to dispose of the “twisty”.


Comment by Jay Burns

Sorry gentlemen, normal incandescent bulbs are banned as of 2014. Your choices are to contact Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA) whose bill it was, and explain that global warming is over and her bill is a silly mistake (probably best to be more gracious than I am) or to stock up big time on incandescents, or both. The CFLs will all come from China, so it is another big job killer. I should also add that CFLs can’t be used in enclosed places, so you’ll probably have to replace a lot of light fixtures too. And you know about the hazmat problem. You could always mail your old “twistys” to Rep. Harman.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I was just going to say, you know that Democrats have outlawed the traditional light bulb starting in 2014 don’t you?


Comment by American Elephant

When incandescent bulbs are outlawed only
outlaws will have incandescent bulbs.

Funny how the Nanny state tells us what we can’t
do , but lets people run around getting away with


Comment by Ron spins

I checked up. 100 watt bulbs are banned starting in 2012, and all incandescents are banned in 2014. Makers of incandescent bulbs are making great progress on bulbs that use less energy. I don’t think that anyone recognizes how much people hate the twisty bulbs — with good reason.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

This is a lot about nothing.
Free markets work for one reason and one reason only, information and the free flow of it. How is requiring more information about the processed food we hurt causing anyone undue hardship in their lives.

Hidden information is what caused this last recession.

Sometime conservatives are like a bunch of woman, gossiping and exaggerating everything in life. Life as we know it is not going to come to a screeching halt because of this stupid little requirement.


Comment by Mark Baird

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