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Improving Our Foreign Relations, One Step At a Time. by The Elephant's Child
April 19, 2010, 8:10 pm
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The President’s golf game is not playing well in Warsaw.  World leaders assembled in Poland for President Kaczynskis’ funeral.  The headline in the Warsaw Business Journal read “Obama goes golfing instead of attending Kaczynskis funeral.”

“On a cool but sun-drenched day, the president and three golfing companions head[ed] to Andrews Air Force Base on Sunday to play 18 holes. It is the 32nd time Mr. Obama has played golf since taking office Jan. 20, 2009, according to CBS Radio’s Mark Knoller,” reported the Washington Times on Sunday.
In an article posted on its website, the newspaper also reported that while US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden had taken the time to visit the Polish Embassy to sign a book of condolences, President Obama had not yet taken the time out to do so.

The Warsaw paper went on to detail how other world leaders did manage to travel to Warsaw, and noted that although the plumes of volcanic ash kept German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicholas Sarkosy away from the funeral — there was no evidence that they too had taken to the links.  Russian President Dmitry Medvedev managed to fly in for the occasion — “a gesture of solidarity that reinforced Polish hopes for improved ties with their communist-era master.”

They Just May Not Have the Votes for Cap-and-Trade. by The Elephant's Child

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the leading climate skeptic in the Senate, said Thursday that upcoming cap-and-trade legislation can muster no more than 26 votes.  Climate change is far down on Americans’ list of concerns.  Only 33 percent believe that human activity is responsible, and 48 percent say global warming is caused by long-term planetary trends.

Evidence continues to appear indicating that cap-and-trade is ruinous for an economy, accomplishes nothing for climate change, and is aimed only at societal control.  President Obama’s efforts to sorta-kinda-maybe suggest that we might have a bit of support for nuclear power  or offshore  oil-and-gas drilling, were offset by all the areas that he put firmly off-limits, so that can be considered as thrown under the bus.

According to a Pew poll released Sunday night, trust in the federal government to do “the right thing” most of the time has fallen to a near all-time low of 22 percent.

How odd.  When the public is concerned about spending, the federal government pursues a health care bill that the majority of the public oppose.  When the public is concerned about spending and jobs, the federal government pursues climate change alarmism.  When the public is concerned about Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, the federal government gets an agreement from Canada to send us their enriched uranium.  Why would we conceivably trust the federal government to do “the right thing.”

The Tea Parties — An Angry Mob of Racists? by The Elephant's Child
April 19, 2010, 6:52 pm
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Someone in some back room of the progressive political establishment thought that accusing the Tea Party movement of being racist, homophobic, and so on, and so on, all the usual smears, would be successful in demolishing the movement. Amid reports and videos of peaceful gatherings of people who were having a good time protesting, the accusations just weren’t working.   So they sent infiltrators with racist, homophobic, Nazi, and Klan signs to join the crowd and wave their signs whenever they saw a camera. That’s not working either.

It is becoming obvious that liberals just don’t tolerate disagreement. They are unprepared for honest debate, unprepared to consider the merits of other opinions, and in general just want the opposition to shut up. What an odd turn of events, when liberals control the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The men who created the Constitution expected and wanted vigorous debate, and that has been our tradition. One must conclude that liberals are unprepared to honestly defend their ideas. Or defend their spending.

But then they don’t much like the Constitution either.

The Internet Fulfills its Purpose by American Elephant
April 19, 2010, 4:56 am
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The internet was made for this: best website ever!

If anyone needs me, I’ll be pushing buttons.

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