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We’re Only Late by 26 Years! by The Elephant's Child
April 20, 2010, 7:00 pm
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The Ministry of Truth Environmental Protection Agency is promoting a contest.

The contest, which ends May 17, will award $2,500 to the makers of the video that best explains why federal regulations are good and how ordinary citizens can become more involved in making regulations.  The videos must be posted on YouTube and can be no more than 60-90 seconds in length.

In the current contest, each video must include the slogan “Let your voice be heard,” and it must direct viewers to the government’s regulatory website  The winning video will then be used by the entire federal government to promote the regulatory process and enhance the public’s participation in it.

The EPA is managing the contest, part of the government”s eRulemaking program, on behalf of the entire government.

Did I mention that it is my belief that the Environmental Protection Agency has done little to nothing for the environment, a great deal of damage to our country, and should be abolished?

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Yes , The Elephant’s Child I believe you
did state the E.P.A should be abolished.
There is a raft of other government
programs that’s in need of abolishing too.

As for the regulations they were saying that
regulations carry the same force as a law.
And for every law there is ten regulations.

Great subject !


Comment by Ron spins

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