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John Edwards to Testify About Sex Tape by American Elephant

Remember when John Edwards was the darling of the Democrat party and the Edwards endorsement was the biggest coup of the entire primary campaign?

One of the greatest leaders we have in the Democratic party, please give it up for my friend, John Edwards!” ~ Barack Obama, 2008

I wonder why we don’t hear Obama talk much about his good friend John Edwards anymore?

Not so much “guilt by association”, as “by their friends shall ye know them”. And damn, if Barack Obama doesn’t have the sleaziest, most corrupt, most radical, anti-American group of friends of anyone I’ve ever seen, let alone any president.

I think it’s important hat we keep reminding people of this fact. Especially now that disillusioned Americans are increasingly realizing they haven’t been told the truth.

Actuaries Are Responsible For Long Run Cost Estimates. by The Elephant's Child
April 23, 2010, 9:53 pm
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You need to sit down.  There is news, and you may find it shocking.

ObamaCare will cost more than they claimed.

A new report by the actuaries from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at Health & Human Services concludes that rather than cutting costs, the Affordable Care Act will increase medical spending by at least one percent over ten years — a figure that could get bigger — because the government  is unlikely to follow through on the proposed Medicare cuts that would push 15 percent of hospitals into the red, and result in service cuts for seniors.

Bet you never expected that, did you?

Some of the cost control measures in the bill, could help reduce the rate of cost increases, but “during 2010 – 2019, these effects would be outweighed by the increased costs associated with the expansions of health insurance coverage.  Also the longer-term viability of the Medicare ..reductions is doubtful.”

The report also notes that cuts in Medicare Advantage will drive as many as half of seniors out of their plans and into more traditional, and more insolvent, Medicare plans while boosting their out-of-pocket costs.  And a new long-term care insurance program buried in the bill — whose premiums were among those items wrongly double-counted as deficit-reducing, faces a “very serious risk” of insolvency.

HHS Secretary Sebelius said:  “The Affordable Care Act will improve the health care system for all Americans, and we will continue our work to quickly and carefully implement the new law.”

So there you go.  File this under media report.

Obama Criticizes Arizona Immigration Law While Ignoring Federal Incompetence. by The Elephant's Child

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has said that she will sign Arizona’s new illegal immigrant law.  Screams of “Racism,” “Unfair,” “Gestapo,” all the usual.  Governor Brewer said “We in Arizona have been more than patient, waiting for Washington to act.  Decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation.”

We do have immigration laws.  They govern the rights of someone to enter our country.  People who live or work  on the border between Arizona and Mexico feel that they are living in a war zone.  Rancher Robert Krentz was killed on his own property 35 miles outside the border town of Douglas, Arizona.   The family has been ranching in southern Arizona since 1907.  Krentz was gunned down on late March, by an illegal immigrant, while out  on his ATV tending fences on the family’s 34,000 acre ranch.

Smuggling, drugs and illegal immigration have become huge problems on the border.  Mexican drug cartels are literally at war.  Not all illegals are Mexican, and the nature of illegal immigrants is no longer simply poor Mexicans searching for a better opportunity.  The Arizona border gets the most illegals because of two sparsely monitored National Parks, but California gets the most border patrol agents.

Obama spoke out indignantly about “recent efforts in Arizona, which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans,” before heading out for a short vacation.  Basic notions of fairness? Beleaguered Arizonans simply want the immigration laws to be upheld.

Since the federal government chooses to ignore the law in hopes that more immigrants will vote Democrat,  the issue of “fairness” seems a little disingenuous.  What is it that sparks such outrage?  Police are authorized to ask anyone for identification if there is reason to suspect that they are illegal.  (Not including brown skin or Spanish language, ethnic profiling is not allowed).  I suspect that the new Arizona law conforms with the much ignored federal immigration  laws.

Look out! Here Comes the Green-Shirt Youth Corps. by The Elephant's Child
April 23, 2010, 7:30 am
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Thursday saw the launch of Green My Parents,a nationwide effort to “inspire” and “organize” kids to lead their families in measuring and reducing environmental impact at home. Not just on Earth Day, but every day — Green My Parents initial goal is to have its first 100 youth advocates train and educate 100 peers (who will then turn to 100 of their peers and so on) with the aim of saving families $100 million between new and April 2011.

How?  By washing in cold water, walking or biking to school or work, kicking the “bottled water habit,” for example, families could save over $1,000 each year.  (That’s a pretty big bottled water habit!)

Isn’t it interesting that tyrannies all over the world have “youth movements” to indoctrinate kids, and ask them to report on their parents.  Always happens about the same time as attacks on existing kids’ organizations like, say, Boy Scouts  or Girl Scouts.

As Greg Pollowitz suggests: when your kid turns up suggesting you wash in cold water, reply “Great idea.  Your television, computer, video games, 3-D movies, 3G phone and i Pod all use way too much electricity and resources.  Thank you for agreeing to give them up to save the planet.”

(h/t: Greg Pollowitz, Planet Gore)

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