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Attorney General Erik Holder Refuses to Say That “Radical Islam” Is a Cause of Terrorism. by The Elephant's Child

Attorney General Erik Holder testified today before the House Judiciary Committee — and demonstrated in a few moments of painful video — that he simply cannot bring himself to utter the words “radical Islam.”  He has, in the recent past, cheerfully described the American people as “a nation of cowards on race,” and officials of the Bush administration as “war criminals,” without a single stutter.

There are, according to Mr. Holder, innumerable reasons why Muslims commit terrorist attacks; but those reasons have nothing to do with Islamic doctrine.

This mindset creates some potential problems when it comes to how radical Islamic terrorists are to be treated under American law, how they will be questioned, where and how terrorists will be tried and/or imprisoned.  Not to mention where Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried.

To top that off, Attorney General Holder — who has been commenting in several venues on the Arizona Immigration law, discussing how illegal it was — was forced to admit that he had not read the law.  Ouch!

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It appears to me Eric Holder was placed
in that job as Attorney General just to
keep the Racial pot stirred up.

I could say much more……


Comment by Ron spins

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