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The Ministry of Truth Wants Your Help!! by The Elephant's Child

Do you have any doubt that Washington bureaucrats were completely out of touch with ordinary Americans?  If you do, the Environmental Protection Agency is standing right up to reassure you — they are!.

With Americans across the country suffering from unemployment, worried about their jobs, government spending, the national debt and reeling under a wave of new taxes, fees and regulations, the EPA has offered — a contest.  And not just any old contest.  The EPA wants YOU to make a short video — just 60-90 seconds — explaining just how useful and important government regulations are.  Yes, they are completely out of touch.

The introductory video from the EPA  explains the contest, and to explain the sheer wonderfulness of regulations offers, as an example — “cash for clunkers.” Really!  Better known as the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS).  (A good acronym is important).  Don’t get too excited, the contest ends Monday, so if you haven’t submitted your video, you’re probably too late.

The video above was submitted by the Heritage Foundation, in the interest of providing a slightly different perspective.  They thought it was worthwhile to point out Washington’s habit of promoting job-killing expansive and useless regulation.  The first comment on the EPA announcement video was clear and simple:

November 2010.  Vote the bums out.

The second comment was more detailed:

From the site: “When Congress writes a statute and the President signs it, it usually doesn’t have enough detail for it to be put into effect. So, federal agencies fill in the details by issuing regulations.”
Doesn’t the U.S. Constitution entrust the Legislative Branch for writing, ahem, legislation? Why is the executive branch writing rules that have the force of law, including fines and imprisonment?
The system is totally corrupt. And they’re asking us to say how nice it is.

The “Presidential Cancer Panel” Promotes the EPA Grab for Power. by The Elephant's Child

Did you know that President Obama has a “Cancer Panel?” The panel recently released a report imputing cancer to environmental chemicals.  If you are of a skeptical nature, you might be inclined to think that now that global warming is fading as a noble cause, activists need another scare.  But ordinary people, busy people, who catch only snatches of the news as they multi-task might be frightened, particularly when the see the catchphrase that babies are “pre-polluted”with chemicals.

“The so-called Presidential Cancer Panel, which consists of two physicians, has apparently been politically pressured by the activists running the EPA” said Dr. Gilbert Ross of the American Council on Science and Health.  “When they mention babies being ‘pre-polluted’ and the alleged dangers of all these chemicals, they not only sign their name to activist screeds, they neglect to mention that the dose makes the poison, and that finding traces of chemicals at levels of parts-per-billion does not imply a health hazard. And of course they do not address the potential health hazards of banning important chemicals from consumer products.” (emphasis added)

The evil chemical that pervades the report is BPA.  ASCH’s Dr. Whelan says that scientific panels are under so much activist pressure to ban BPA that even when the Food and Drug Administration did its third evaluation and still found no evidence of danger. they added some words of caution to appease the activists.  Imaginary dangers like using plastic food containers are implicitly compared to real dangers like smoking or excess UV radiation.  Cancer death rates are going down.  So-called environmental trace levels of chemicals play no role whatsoever in the etiology of cancer.

This kind of junk science relies heavily on the so-called “Precautionary Principle.”  The principle says that if something is presumed to be a danger to humans, it should be up to those who advocate it to prove that it is not a danger.  You cannot prove a negative.  The so-called Precautionary Principle is nonsense.

The agenda for activists is creating an illusion of need for reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act.  Get Congress to prohibit more  “chemicals” and think of the possibilities for class action lawsuits.  All sorts of corporations (with deep pocket) make things with “chemicals”. The possibilities are endless, and lucrative.

Seeing is Believing! by The Elephant's Child

We have written often here about Carbon Dioxide and your high school biology class. I know, because I was once a student in a high school biology class, that a significant part of the class pay no attention, pass notes, diagram football plays or doze. I paid attention. This is due not to any innate superiority on my part but simply to the fact that my biology teacher was my mother, and I paid attention or else.

When we breathe in, we utilize the oxygen, and when we breathe out — we breathe out the carbon dioxide.  Plants utilize carbon dioxide as a natural fertilizer that makes plants grow.  In this fascinating and beautiful little video, from CO2 Science,  we get to see the real effects of carbon dioxide.

And below, Dr. Sherwood Idso of CO2 Science explains some of the most basic facts about carbon dioxide, and why we should be a little skeptical of the pronouncements of the EPA, which wants to use the “dangers” of CO2 as a way to tax and control energy.  Look for skyrocketing energy costs in every aspect of your life.  If the Kerry-Lieberman bill, euphemistically called “The American Power Act” — and yes it is a cap-and-trade bill — does not pass, the EPA will leap into the breach and regulate everything connected with energy under the auspices of the Clean Air Act which was never intended to cover any such thing.

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