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Awesome: Arizona Governor Treats Obama/Democrats like the Irresponsible, Petulant Children They Are. by American Elephant
May 21, 2010, 6:18 pm
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I know very little about Governor Brewer, but so far, I like what I see very much.

And can I just point out that with 73% approval, the Arizona border enforcement law has been, by far, the LEAST divisive law passed anywhere in the United States during the entire Obama/Democrat era?

What do you say, Brewer/Christie 2012?

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Making Friends with Hezbollah — Just the Moderate Terrorists. by The Elephant's Child

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, founded by Iran, funded by Iran, and directed by Iran.  And who is going to do the actual search for the “moderates?” And will they survive the search?  The United States has formally branded Hezbollah a “foreign terrorist organization” but that designation has probably been “renamed’ too.

In all the clever re-naming, not many have noticed that “the War on Terror” has been officially renamed.  The replacement phrase is “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) — every policy must have its acronym — As James Carafano says:

Renaming a war does matter, however, when the act of naming becomes an act in advertising to disguise a really bad strategy.

It’s not the name change that matters — what matters is what it signals.  President Obama has no interest in fighting a war, he wants to pretend that one does not exist.  He wants to run away from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and every threat that confronts the United States as quickly as possible.  CVE is about dodging attacks thrown at the United States.  Then, as long as he can get away with not having some catastrophic disaster on his watch, President Obama will declare victory.

This cedes the initiative to the enemy — and … sooner or later an enemy will take advantage of the opportunity.

Hezbollah is the kind of organization we need to stamp out, not coddle in a fruitless search for moderates.  The mindset is truly amazing.

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