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The European Union, Not Having Enough to Do, Takes On the Father of the Bride! by The Elephant's Child
May 25, 2010, 8:09 pm
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David Pryce-Jones, a senior editor at National Review wrote yesterday:

I spent the week-end celebrating a wedding. The bride and bridegroom made a fine couple. The church was very old, with a magnificent Norman arch and medieval wall decorations. Afterwards we repaired to a nearby great house built in the seventeenth century of beautiful grey stone, with a chapel of its own, mullion windows, statues, a vast lawn and gardens which I in my ignorance only then learnt are famous. Everything was perfect, in other words, here was a traditional moment of the kind that has made England what it is, and formed the loyalty of its daughters and sons.

In the course of his speech in her honour, the father of the bride then informed the audience that the European Union has passed a Gender Equality Bill. One provision of this preposterous and impudent measure is that fathers are no longer allowed to give away their daughters in the traditional church ceremony.

Greece is in flames, the Germans close to rebellion, and the entire European Union on the brink of breaking apart with some nations bankrupt beyond help, and the future of the euro is in doubt.  So, of course with everything seemingly falling apart, the bureaucrats in Brussels have decided to prohibit fathers from giving away their daughters in marriage as they have done for centuries.  The bureaucrats have decided that the custom treats daughters as chattel.

Sometimes the real world is so ludicrous that it wouldn’t be believed if it were fiction.

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This report is apocryphal. My guess is that the father (he was British, right?) is not exactly a fan of the EU and was using the wedding to make a point, providing his own interpretation of its implications. I may be wrong, but I won’t believe that the EU prevents what goes on in a British religious wedding ceremony until somebody provides a link to where in the law it says that.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

I dunno, The EU has done some very strange things. They did indeed require that pigs throughout the EU be given balls to play with. They did require that farmers write the name and address of the hen on eggs to be sold. They are real suckers for things like demanding that brides not be treated as chattel. I know only what Mr. Pryce-Jones — very well known writer — said.And I agree it seems really goofy.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I find it completely plausible too, but I’m still looking for the citation / directive / EUvian dictum / whatnot…


Comment by Joe

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