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The Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill is a Big (Expletive) Deal, Mr. President. You Need to Get It Right. by The Elephant's Child

Did you watch Obama’s press conference? The first one since July, 2009. Angry, defensive, demanding that everyone recognize that he was completely, fully, absolutely, in charge, and he had too been, ever since Day One. His attitude towards BP was belligerent, as if as President he had to show us how angry he is and how much BP will be punished. It would have been much better if he showed just how much he is trying to help BP.

BP is quite aware of the damage, and quite aware of the enormous costs they will have to pay. They are trying desperately to cap the well, and devise alternative solutions in case the current effort fails. It is very much their goal to get it fixed as soon as possible with little damage to the environment. They have been negligent, or careless, but this is a time to help them out, not excoriate them.

The President’s statement that he was in charge and BP was not allowed to do anything until it had been approved by the government, was a mistake. Forgive me, but the government doesn’t know anything about capping oil wells, and I rather suspect that Secretary Chu with his Nobel Prize and his best and brightest theoretical physicists don’t know much about capping oil wells 5000 feet down either.

I do understand.  The president is trying to show how angry he is on behalf of the American people.  But you don’t demonstrate concern by playing golf or going on a short vacation.  It may be perfectly innocent, but it just looks bad.

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