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Dog Bites Man: Democrats Raise Taxes by American Elephant
June 2, 2010, 8:43 pm
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When all you have is a hammer, as they say, every problem looks like a nail. In that vein, when you are a leftist so-called “progressive”, which by definition means you don’t know how to do anything but use government force, then the answer to every problem becomes using that force to take more and more power, more liberty and more life’s-work away from the American people.

Washington State Democrats, desperate for more money to pay their own exorbitant salaries and benefits, have now added brand new “sin” taxes on soda, candy, beer and bottled water.

Coincidentally, unemployment can now be expected to increase in the local soda, candy, beer and bottled water industries.

When government spending is the problem, how stupid do you have to be to think more government spending is the solution?

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well from a personal standpoint, the bottled industry is one form of legal farce in the world of capitalism…. outside of a disaster in which drinking water isn’t available, purchasing bottled water is a waste of money and an exercise in stupidity. get a bottle, fill it from your tap and you get almost the exact same thing (plus possibly some essential naturally occuring nutrients that get filtered out in the bottling process), and quit being NAIVE…which coincidentally if you spell that backwards you get EVIAN…fine bottled water products!!

Man my sarcasm and idiocy is on a ROLL today!


Comment by Mike Lovell

lol. Yes, buying bottled water IS silly, but government shouldn’t be deciding that for people. If they find value in buying bottled water, and if someone is willing to sell it at a price that they are willing to pay, then government should stay out of the way and not destroy jobs with extra taxes.


Comment by American Elephant

Hmmmm, taxes on bottles means more revenue if democrat voters don’t do the environmentally correct thing and reduce the use of bottles. So talk about the environment, but don’t actually be good to one’s word. Looks like the Left is playing both ends of the stick again.


Comment by zeusiswatching

The far left envirowhackos HAVE mostly stopped buying bottled water. It’s not just the plastic bottles, they are worried about the “carbon footprint” of shipping water that you could get from the tap. Now they want to force everyone else to stop buying bottled water.

…all to solve the imaginary problem of “man made global warming”.

I say let people buy bottled water if they want it. Its a perfectly respectable industry. Certainly more respectable than climate science, unions, trial law, government bureaucracy or half the things leftists do.


Comment by American Elephant

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