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The Same People Who Claim Obamacare Will Make Your Healthcare More Efficient and More Affordable?… by American Elephant

…are the same people who need 26 pages to write a recipe for brownies: Nuts, walnuts, shelled. Shelled walnut pieces shall be of the small piece size classification, shall be of a light color, and shall be U.S. No. 1 of the U.S. Standards for Shelled English Walnuts. A minimum of 90 percent, by weight, of the pieces shall pass through a 4/16-inch diameter round hole screen and not more than 1 percent, by weight, shall pass through a 2/16-inch diameter round hole screen. the shelled walnuts shall be coated with an approved food grade antioxidant and shall be of the latest season’s crop….[read the whole recipe (if you’re a glutton for punishment)]

Which is why even the CBO has stopped pretending that Obamacare is going to be anything but vastly less efficient and vastly more expensive — as everything that government does always is.

The good news? Americans’ overwhelming opposition to Obamacare is not abating, and a whopping 63% of likely voters favor repeal.

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The Flotilla Choir Presents: “We Con the World” by The Elephant's Child

Does the media feel no embarrassment at being used by terrorist propaganda? I am embarrassed for them. Israel is conducting a blockade to prevent weapons being offloaded to the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza. Israel has the right to board ships attempting to breach the blockage including in international waters.  Egypt, too, has blockaded the Gaza Strip, because they too regard Hamas as a threat.

Hamas is a fully owned and subsidized terrorist operation of the Iranian government.  They have lobbed some 10,000 rockets into Israel, attacking schools, schoolyards, shopping centers, homes.  The Israelis, understandably, are not anxious to allow more weapons supplied to Hamas.

When  the Israeli government learned of the intentions of the Gaza flotilla, they asked the organizers to deliver their humanitarian aid first to an Israeli port where it would be inspected for weapons, and the humanitarian aid would be delivered to Gaza.

During the first three months of this year, 94,5000 tons of supplies were transferred to Gaza by Israel.  This includes 48,000 tons of food products, 40,000 tons of wheat, 2,760 tons of rice, nearly 2,000 tons of clothing and footwear, and more.  International aid groups and United Nations representatives move freely to and from Gaza.

Hamas and associated groups like the Turkish IHH  “humanitarian aid” group are attacking Israel, hoping to breach the blockade to get more rockets to Hamas in one prong, and in another prong to conduct a propaganda war on Israel.  Israel made the mistake of assuming that this group were really humanitarian activists.

A very brave young high school student stands up in the face of a propaganda-spawned demonstration all by himself.

The last two provide an embarrassing example of the education dispensed by Los Angeles public schools.  Sad.

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Classless Leftist Celebrity Honors Classless Leftist Celebrity by American Elephant
June 3, 2010, 7:12 pm
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Not content to disgrace the nation with his dangerous, destructive and incompetent performance as president, Obama apparently feels it necessary to also disgrace the Office of the Presidency itself by using what should be a non-partisan event at the White House as a platform from which to launch mean-spirited, classless and ignorant attacks on his far superior predecessor.

Sure, the attack came from a pop-star, but the White House is the host, sets the tone, and as you can witness from the loud approval from the assembled guests — this administration approves very much. If the president has any class whatsoever, the White House will issue an apology, and I will be more than happy to update this post with it.

But don’t hold your breath. They won’t.

McCartney made his nasty little smear because he knew it was safe to do so. Nor is it the first time Obama has approved such mean-spiritedness. The Celebrity in Chief was caught on video, laughing raucously when “comedienne” Wanda Sykes wished death upon Rush Limbaugh. This was the White House Correspondents dinner. Obama was the host. Not a guest.

It truly is staggering, the frequency with which leftist actors, rappers, singers, comedians and musicians (a sizeable chunk of the Democrat base) attack the intelligence of their political adversaries, considering they occupy the easiest professions in the world. Singing and play-acting are not neurosurgery and theoretical physics — they are singing and acting — professions so easy that children can, and DO, do them. Indeed, Paul McCartney got his butt kicked in the Billboard charts on more than one occasion by 12 year-old Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.

I’d also point out that President Bush is an avid reader, married to a librarian, he eschews TV in favor of books, read a book or  two a week while he was president, while Barack Obama throws lots of parties, and takes over a year to read one title (if he ever read it at all).

President Bush graduated from Yale and went on to get an MBA from Harvard School of Business with better grades than both Al Gore and John Kerry. Obama’s grades are not available because he is still hiding his college records from the American people, while Paul McCartney is the English equivalent of a high school dropout, a pop-singer, and an ass.

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