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Maybe BP *SHOULD* Listen to James Cameron by American Elephant

People forget that in addition to Avatar and Titanic, Cameron also directed (warning: f-bomb ahead)…

..which is, after all, as reader Mookie reminds us, more or less how the Russians stopped their spills in the past…. “Only way to be sure.”

But something tells me the director of The Smurfs’ Adventures in Fern Gully didn’t have nukes in mind. And BP pretty much laughed him off anyway. Pity.

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Too bad B.P wont listen to James Cameron’s
Hollywood make believe brilliance.
Now we will have to suffer through a full blown
movie of the disaster , where some hapless crew
drilling in the gulf taps in to a mega well that
blows up in their face.

All of the mess can be mitigated with
special effects.

I won’t wreck the ending for you.


Comment by Ron spins

Actually, James Cameron is the world’s foremost expert in deep sea filming. He is, literally, one of 2 or 3 people qualified to do the sort of filming necessary for BP to get a good look at what’s going on under the ocean.

But why pay attention to facts when you can spout stupidity about liberals and Hollywood?


Comment by Personal Failure

Yes, we’ve read his resume on his interest in underwater filming. And he has clearly spent time down looking at the Titanic and is deeply interested in underwater filming. But that doesn’t make him a petroleum engineer, does it?


Comment by The Elephant's Child

It was telling to me when he called BP
A bunch of morons.
The self proclaimed King of the world , inserting
himself where he does not belong.

The Obama administration instead listened to
Cameron’s crazy idea that the pipes on the
sea floor is a crime scene..what a bunch of
That is why BP correctly turned him away….
nothing like a Oliver Stone rewrite on reality.


Comment by Ron spins

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