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Cleaning Up the Cleanup. With Foreign Help? Or Not. by The Elephant's Child

If you remember, back in 1920, in a period of American isolationism following World War I, Congress passed something called the Jones Act, which required vessels working in U.S. waters to be built in the U.S. and to be crewed by U.S. workers.  [I was only kidding with the “if you remember” — I only heard of it because many reporters have been writing about it, as something that President Obama should be waiving, to increase our ability to take advantage of offers of help in the Gulf from other countries.]  From Brian Wilson at Fox News:

Possibly because the Jones Act has been in the news, some foreign technology is being used in the current cleanup effort, including:

— Canada’s offer of 3.000 meters of containment boom.
— Three sets of COSEQ sweeping arms from the Dutch.
— Mexico’s offer of two skimmers and 4,200 meters of boom.
— Norway’s offer of 8 skimming stations.

This is largely technology transferred to U.S. vessels.  Some of the best clean up ships — owned by Belgian, Dutch and Norwegian firms are NOT being used  “because they do not meet the operational requirements of the Unified Area Command.” One of those operational requirements is that vessels comply with the Jones Act.

Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs said that “if there is the need for any type of waiver, that would obviously be granted.  But we’ve not had that problem thus far.”  Democrat Senator Bill Nelson is hearing from folks in Florida that they want all the skimmer ships they can get.  He has written to Admiral Allen to inquire if all advantage of every resource is being used.  After over 50 days of spilling oil, there are questions.  Proven and effective foreign clean-up ships are not being used.  Some believe that the problem is Obama’s close relationship with the unions.  The unions do not want the Jones act waived.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said “As we understand what we need and identify domestic and foreign sources, we will act. ”  He also said that the U.S. has received 21 aid offers from 17 countries and 4 international groups.  “We are maintaining contact with these countries, we are grateful for the offers, and we will take them up on these offers.”

People who are anxious about the spill are boycotting BP gas stations, in a splendid display of misplaced anger.  BP stations are not, in general,  company owned.  Protesters are merely hurting private businessmen, who had nothing to do with the spill.  BP is spending billions and doing everything they can to harness, tame, and control the spill.  Their stock is in the toilet, they are responsible for the cost of the cleanup.

Obama and the Democrats want BP to create a $20 billion escrow account to pay for claims stemming from the spill.  BP has already spent more than $1 billion in cleanup and containment efforts.  Current law caps its liability at $75 million.  The Democrats will undoubtedly attempt to pass a retroactive law, so they are liable for everything.

Obama is, as expected, using the BP spill to try to drum up support for his cap-and-trade bill.  He promises the same old fantasies — clean energy (not technologically available), green jobs (exist only by killing far more jobs in the regular economy),  making everything energy-efficient ( twisty lightbulbs, electric cars — still not ready for prime time), high-speed rail (not cost-effective, nor useful).

This whole mess in the Gulf is a wonderful example of Big Government at its worst.  Bureaucracy moves very slowly as they try to appease all the complainers.  Big Government does politics, even in the wake of an environmental disaster and a personal disaster for coastal residents.  Big Government tries to use crisis to enhance its  power.  It’s as simple as that.

WARNING! Democrat Politicians Now Physically Assaulting Constituents! by American Elephant

Looks like Democrats are now eliminating their usual Union Thug middlemen and just beating up constituents directly:

That’s Democrat representative Bob Etheridge from North Carolina. (“Mainstream” news reports will conveniently forget his party.) I hope he wasn’t planning on being re-elected, indeed, I hope he wasn’t planning on finishing his term or even returning home. He needs to serve time.

And you had better believe that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats need to be held accountable for creating the environment where such a thing could happen in America. This is where Democrats have lead the country. Where gangs of union thugs storm private homes with terrified children inside, where union thugs beat up a black man selling “Don’t tread on me” flags and put him in the hospital. Where President KickAss talks about “bringing guns”, “getting in their faces”, “hitting back twice as hard” and “kicking ass”.

Keep in mind, Democrats are not some aggrieved minority — they control ALL the levers of power. They have virtually a filibuster proof majority, yet their agenda is SO extremist, so radical that they STILL can’t get it passed without resorting to violence and intimidation.

You know when their crimes are bubbling over into public view, that there are many more crimes happening where the public can’t see.

Welcome to the Thugocracy.

(via HotAir)

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