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Spreading Like a Cancer — Obamacare. by The Elephant's Child

While all of the news last week was focused on the oil spill and the Gulf Coast, Barack Obama quietly signed an executive order to establish the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council (NPHPPHC, or maybe this one doesn’t get an acronym).

The council will be headed by Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin and includes 13 other luminaries like Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sebelius, Hilda Solis, and Arne Duncan, who will oversee another 25 non-federal government officials to be appointed by Obama. They will be licensed health-care professionals with expertise in work site health promotion, community services, preventive medicine, health coaching, public health education, exercise, geriatric, and rehabilitation medicine.

Starting this year, the council will submit an annual report to the president and Congress that outlines the progress made with its efforts to advance health promotion and disease prevention. It is expected to address “lifestyle behavior modification” of the American people, including smoking cessation, proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, mental health, behavioral health, substance-use disorder, and domestic violence screenings, and whatever else catches their fancy.

All the news coming out about Obamacare has been resoundingly negative. It costs way more than it was supposed to, and it is unlikely to improve anyone’s health as care is sure to deteriorate  and shortages of doctors are likely.  So this is another little huge agency to add to the hundreds of additional agencies, corps, commissions, offices, departments, units, administrations, programs, panels, services, centers and bureaus, already created in the immense expansion of the proposed Obamacare bureaucracy.  (Do click to enlarge the graphic image).

Like a fatal cancer, the cells of Obamacare just keep multiplying and destroying the last vestiges of life in our society.

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