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This is What is Happening on the Arizona Border Today: by The Elephant's Child

The Pima County Medical Examiner says that from January 1 to July 15, the office has handled the bodies of 134 illegal immigrants, up from 93 at the same time last year, and 102 in 2008.  Heat is  above-average and unrelenting  in southern Arizona this month, and tighter border security pushes immigrants to more remote, rugged and dangerous terrain. Immigrant deaths are soaring in July.

The Border Patrol says the agency rescued nearly 1,300 people last fiscal year.  There are aid stations for immigrants manned by humanitarian groups, and 20 Border Patrol rescue beacons in remote areas of the desert that immigrants can activate if they need help.

It is incredibly crass for the Mexican President to come to Washington D.C. and insult Arizona for attempting to enforce federal immigration laws.  If it were not for corruption in Mexico and uncontrolled lawlessness south of the border, there would not be an illegal immigration problem on the border. For our federal government to refuse to enforce the law is disgraceful.

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