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Finally! Obama Gets Presidential Approval Numbers Up… by American Elephant
July 23, 2010, 11:05 pm
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…they just aren’t his.

But hey! At least Obama has finally found something he can do without disastrous consequences…making OTHER presidents look better! Since taking office, Obama’s own approval numbers have plummeted, with more Americans disapproving of him than approving according to even the most favorable polls, while his even more unpopular agenda has caused Clinton and Bush’s ratings to shoot up.

At this rate, wait a couple more months for the slow-learners to catch up, and Bush will be more popular than Obama — as well he should. But I shudder to think of the additional damage Obama will do to the country in just a couple months time, let alone the remainder of his term!

Governor Bobby Jindal Is Very Angry, And Justifiably So! by The Elephant's Child

The Obama administration imposed a ban on deepwater drilling, which was overturned by a District judge, and affirmed by the Court of Appeals.  Not to be outdone by Louisiana judges, the administration re-wrote the moratorium and imposed a new ban on July 12 which now extends to shallow-water drilling as well.  The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources issued a press release on Tuesday, showing that the moratorium had resulted in a near-complete decline in approval of shallow-water drilling permits.

Approved permits for shallow water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico have dropped significantly since the federal moratorium on deepwater drilling earlier this year, with only one approved new well permit so far in July. In the 11 months prior to the moratorium, the federal government approved an average of 14 permits per month in the Gulf of Mexico.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, he of the 10-gallon hats, said about the new ban:

Like the deepwater drilling moratorium lifted by the District Court on June 22, the deepwater drilling suspensions ordered today apply to most deepwater drilling activities and could last through November 30…the May 28 moratorium proscribed drilling based on specific water depths; the new decision does not suspend activities based on water depth, but on the basis of the drilling configurations and technologies.

According to The Advertiser of Lafayette, LA, these “configurations and technologies” are essentially the same regardless of water-depth.  “Since shallow-water wells often utilize floating drilling platforms,” which is one of the key pieces of banned equipment, “the an in fact applies to most shallow-water drilling.”

Gulf Coast residents are outraged.  A huge “Rally for Economic Survival” which drew over 11,000 local citizens affected by the drilling ban.  Dr. David Kreutzer and John Ligon report that a total offshore drilling ban could be nationally crippling economically.  It would reduce GDP by $5.5 trillion, reduce job growth by more than 1 million jobs by 2015 and increase the expenditures for imported oil by nearly $737 billion.  Dr. Loren Scott, LSU economics professor emeritus, says that 50,000 wells have been drilled in the Gulf with no problems.  America depends on the oil coming from the Gulf.

It is impossible to know what the administration has in mind: 1. If they ban all drilling, then they have shown that they aren’t going to allow any more spills until it is “proven” safe.  2. If they ban all drilling, then increasing gas prices will make Americans angrier at the oil companies and more amenable to wind and solar energy and efforts to ban carbon. 3. They don’t care what people think, it’s a good opportunity to make America dependent on clean energy instead of dirty old carbon-based fuels. Amy more explanations?

One Last Glimpse of the Wagah Border Crossing Ceremony. by The Elephant's Child

In April, we posted this video of the India and Pakistani ceremony at the Wagah border crossing between Amritsar and Lahore. Soldiers and their officers have complained that the high goose-stepping was wrecking their knee joints and causing foot injuries.  Officers on both sides have agreed that the ceremony will now be toned down.

The decision ends an institutionalized display of India–Pakistan hostility which drew thousands of rowdy nationalists and tourists every day.  Apparently the ceremony has gradually become even more aggressive, and officials on both sides had built amphitheaters for viewing.  In many cases the soldiers had hurt their feet (hardly surprising if you view the video) during the Beating the Retreat ceremony.

A leading Pakistani commentator, Najam Sethi, described the injuries as “a good excuse to end the jingoistic symbol of confrontation between India and Pakistan.  It often leads to alarming shouting matches across the lines by spectators which suited nationalists on both sides….If this comes to an end the public will be deprived of a show, but it will all be for the better.”

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