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Sen. John Thune Is Serious About Cutting Spending! by The Elephant's Child

Senator John Thune (R-SD) takes on Congressional spending.  Democrats have not as yet admitted that their Keynesian playbook has not worked, and that more spending will just make things worse.  They are still attached to Keynesian nostrums, with some, like Paul Krugman, former Enron adviser, claiming that they just haven’t spent enough.  Seeing that some Republicans are struggling to find solutions should be encouraging — and encouraged by us.

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It is hard to believe that this guy is serious. I’ll believe he is when he gets up at a podium (or makes a video) saying that, in solidarity with other Senators who have to face angry constituencies at home, he is personally going to vote against the proposed five-year extension of subsidies for biofuels, and call for the immediate elimination of the punitive tariff on imported ethanol.

The guy may be against increases in costs to address greenhouse-gas emissions, but he loves all them federal dollars flowing into the state for biofuels and wind turbines:

And, of course, being from a farm state, there isn’t a farm subsidy that he doesn’t like:

Quote: “Since first being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996, where I worked as a member of the Agriculture Committee to craft the 2002 Farm Bill, and now as a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee I have fought hard to promote South Dakota’s agriculture economy and to protect the way of life for South Dakota’s farming families by actively engaging in creating sound Farm Bill policies.” Sound farm policies in his mind seems to mean subsidies for anything and everything.

It is all well and good for Senators to get up and pontificate about reducing subsidies that flow to OTHER states. But until they show some guts and volunteer (in league with other like-minded Senators, if need be) to take some pain themselves, then I will continue to file them under the heading of “hypocrite”.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

Rather than “Democrat Corruption”, this item should have been filed under “Republican Hypocrisy”.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

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