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How Spending Gets Out-of-Control. by The Elephant's Child

Even those living in Outer Mongolia are probably aware that all in not well in fabled California, home to Hollywood, sunny weather, sandy beaches, palm trees and the Golden Gate Bridge.  All has particularly not been well in the city of Bell, California, a small (38,000 pop.) L.A. suburb.

Newspapers, always ready to sneer, refer to it as a “working-class” suburb. The problem has been the “gilded class” City of Bell salaries.  The City Manager, Robert Rizzo,  made a salary of  $787,637 a year, and in retirement could draw pension payments of $650,000 a year.  One in every six residents of Bell  lives below the poverty line.

Bell’s assistant city manager pulls in $376,288 a year, and the police chief is paid $457,000 or about 50 percent more than the police chief in Los Angeles is paid to oversee law enforcement in the 2nd largest U.S. city. Some of Bell’s part time city council members earn nearly $100,000 a year.  The top three have resigned. Investigations. Outrage.  Residents marched on the mayor’s house demanding his resignation.

The mayor said his city manager was worth it.  Standard & Poors just lowered Bell’s bond rating to junk status on warnings of an inability to pay debts due Nov. 1.

Public service was not intended to make workers wealthy.  This may come as news to some in government; as we have recently learned that federal salaries are just about double what is paid for the same job in the private sector.  However, when you are dealing entirely with “other peoples’ money” it’s pretty easy to boost the salary of someone who shares your politics and has your approval.  But, as the saying goes (Margaret Thatcher, wasn’t it?) sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money.

Few of the newspaper accounts mention that all of the above mentioned are Democrats, as are their representatives in the legislature and Congress. The State of California still has not passed a budget.  They may become our first “failed state.”

The scandal has been widely publicized, and it is causing citizens of other cities to take a hard look at what is going on in their communities.  People are busy and have little free time, so their lack of involvement in city government is understandable.  A little TV in the evening is a lot more entertaining than attending a city council meeting, or just checking up on the city’s website. Our elected officials aren’t always pillars of honesty and restraint, as you have probably noticed.

We are learning in a devastating way that it is necessary to pay attention.  To struggle to be informed, and to look carefully at those who we vote into office.  Dang.  Being an adult is sometimes really hard.

A Touch of Class. by The Elephant's Child

President George W. Bush and Laura made a surprise visit to Dallas Fort Worth Airport today to greet about 150 troops returning from Iraq.  The troops were surprised, and delighted.  The Bushes have always gone out of their way to do everything they can for the men and women in the military.

Democrats Now Openly Wishing for Sarah Palin’s Death by American Elephant
August 11, 2010, 1:32 pm
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Actually, this probably isn’t the first time:

In a Facebook post yesterday regarding the tragic plane crash that killed former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, [NH Democrat Keith] Halloran wrote, “Just wish Sarah and Levy [sic] were on board.”


12 Weeks by American Elephant

The Republican Governors’ Association reminds us there’s only 12 weeks left until one of the two most important elections of our lifetimes. Republicans have the chance, if things go right, to take back control of the House and if all the stars are aligned, the Senate — which will stop the Obama Democrats from destroying the nation any more than they already have, but cannot do much to undo the damage already done until the Marxist in Chief is himself handed his pink slip.

But there is another opportunity for Americans to stop Socialized medicine, stop the federal power grabs, stop the fascist take-overs of industry, and stop the “progressive” policies that have taken this nation and our states to the brink of bankruptcy — by taking back control of a majority of the governorships and state legislatures, we can enlist the power of the united states to fight the unconstitutional power-grabs of the United States under the Obama regime. Most Republican-run states have, for example, joined the lawsuits against Obamacare while individual states are fighting the out-of-control EPA and other Democrat federal power-grabs.

Twelve weeks goes by quickly. If you aren’t already donating and/or volunteering to help defeat Democrats this November, I hope you will consider it. We need to take back every seat in Congress, every governorship, every office we can just to stop the destruction, then we need to win again in 2012 to reverse the damage. It’s an enormous job, but it can be done, if we all pitch in and get involved.

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