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Obamacare Preview #247: by American Elephant

British hospital put dying elderly woman in storage cupboard overnight “for being too noisy.”

Nurses put a dying woman in a hospital storage cupboard overnight because they said she was being too noisy.

Dora Duggan, 81, who was terminally ill and suffering from dementia, was moved from her ward to a  room which was full of boxes and was being used for storage at the time.

…Mrs Young, 46, a civil servant, said: ‘They treated her like an animal and shut her in a room that wasn’t even sterile.

…Mrs Young also said that her mother had been begging to go home and that doctors had refused to discharge her even though she had just a few days left.

But when a member of staff at the hospital discovered that Miss Duggan had traces of MRSA, the hospital allowed the family to take her home with half-an-hour, according to Mrs Young.

Mrs Young added: ‘She had a big graze on her arm and they couldn’t explain why. We went in one day and she had juice over her glasses and all over her. [more]

Yet another example of grossly inhumane and intolerably substandard treatment from the very same socialist healthcare system that Democrats point to as their ideal system. An elderly woman with dementia left dying in a broom closet in a wheelchair overnight and sent home with drug-resistant MRSA that she didn’t have when she checked in.

It brings to mind the government-run mental institutions right here in the United States that finally had to be shut down because the standard of care was neglect and cruelty. But Democrats don’t care about the level of treatment — if they did, they would not have exempted themselves from Obamacare as they did — they care only that government — and thus they — as the party always willing to give out more “free” goodies with other people’s money — will be in control of it.

Addendum: Keep in mind, this is the same British system that had been paying millions of pounds a year to silence whistle-blowers, and which the Tory government is now feverishly trying to save from bankrupting that nation by re-privatizing it as fast as they can.


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Obama had nothing to do with this incident. He lives in the US; this happened in Britain. He’s the POTUS not of the world. And he has never said he approved of anything like this. Why should he? It is awful.


Comment by helenl

Of course Obama had nothing to do with this incident Helenl. What Obama has done is to appoint Dr. Donald Berwick as head of Medicare and Medicaid Services. He will have absolute authority over what Medicare services are available. He is a complete admirer of Britain’s NHS, and, he says, he loves it.

Obama’s advisers on HealthCare have been Peter Orzag, Ezekiel Emanuel (brother of Rahm), and Tom Daschle. All have pointed out that most HealthCare costs are associated with old people in their final years, and have selected that as the most important place to cut costs. Pain pills instead of surgery, denying operations, Macular Degeneration patients have to go blind in one eye before they can get treatment for the other are examples of cost-cutting at NHS.

There are no other policies in ObamaCare that will actually save money. Ezekiel Emanuel has written extensively of the value of life at different ages. Young and healthy adults are more valuable than old people, children, the retarded and so on. The NHS actually attaches dollar figures to those ideas so they can determine what is “cost effective”. Emanuel is appointed to Obama’s Cost Effectiveness panel.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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