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This Whole Thing Was Unnecessary! by The Elephant's Child
August 18, 2010, 10:01 pm
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The uproar over the mosque at Ground Zero continues. (Yes, we know that it is two blocks away, 360 feet).  Nancy Pelosi wants to know who is funding the people who are objecting to building the mosque at that location. Harry Reid announced his opposition, as did Howard Dean.  President Obama keeps trying to vote present after his remarks at the Iftar dinner went so far astray.

Here is the problem.  President Obama had a perfect opportunity to quietly use the bully pulpit to suggest that building the mosque at that location was inappropriate.  The site is hallowed ground, especially to those who lost family and friends in that attack. It is fairly difficult to turn down a formal request from the President of the United States.

He, instead, could not resist the chance to lecture on America’s Constitutional freedom of religion.  Although no one was objecting on the basis that Moslems did not have religious freedom that allowed them to build the mosque wherever they wanted, the President raised the usual straw man.  In so doing, he turned a local battle into a national war.

Most of the arguments are silly.  Yes, the Constitution says that we cannot use legal means to deny the mosque, but no one was questioning that.  The question and objections were all based on appropriateness.   The location is in a commercial district where people don’t live. There are many mosques in New York city, the location does not serve any un-served population, whether for religious purposes or as a community center.

Many Muslims have weighed in, saying that of course it is meant as a provocation:

So what gives Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the “Cordoba Initiative” and his cohorts the misplaced idea that they will increase tolerance for Muslims by brazenly displaying their own intolerance in this case?

Do they not understand that building a mosque at Ground Zero is equivalent to permitting a Serbian Orthodox church near the killing fields of Srebrenica where 8,000 Muslim men and boys were slaughtered?

The center is spearheaded by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, “one of the most respected moderate Muslim leaders in the country.” In October of 2001, the New York Times noted that “Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki, spiritual leader at the Dar al Hirja mosque in Virginia…is held up as a new generation of Muslim leaders capable of merging East and West.” That Imam turned out to be spiritual adviser to Major Nidal Hassan,  the Fort Hood killer; and the intended Christmas Day bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab; and Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad.   President Obama has authorized the military to assassinate Awlaki, now hiding out in Yemen.

It is an unfortunate mess.  A president and a mayor chose to posture as Constitutional champions in a situation when the Constitution was not in question.  This didn’t need to happen.

Christa Branch: “I am America.” by The Elephant's Child
August 18, 2010, 9:55 pm
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Just Watch This! by The Elephant's Child
August 18, 2010, 3:00 pm
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You Are Being Misled With Euphemisms! by The Elephant's Child
August 18, 2010, 7:00 am
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Most of us have made jokes about political correctness, or been annoyed by it.  The rise of public relations firms and the use of focus groups provide politicians with ways to put their efforts into more pleasing language.  We shrug such things off, but it is a very serious problem.

We have sneered at Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s effort to refer to terrorist attacks as “man-caused disasters,”without appreciating the extent to which we are being misled. When we learn that terms such as “Islamic radicalism” have been officially removed from American security documents and replaced with “new euphemisms to emphasize that the United States does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terrorism, we are being misled.” 9/11 was NOT a “Man-caused disaster. it was an act of war that killed nearly 3,000 people in a vicious attack by Islamic radicals.

Facing the facts directly means that we look at the actions and events that followed in a clear light.  Euphemisms destroy our understanding, and change our votes — which is what was intended.

That should clarify the dispute over the mosque at Ground Zero.  President Obama called 9/11 a “traumatic” incident. The Islamic radicals, the terrorists who perpetrated the attack become “extremists” or “militants.”  In the fear of offending, we are lied to.  And the lies have consequences.  Using soft, gentle, namby-pamby words we are told that it isn’t really important, never-mind, just move along, nothing to see here — don’t blame us!  Liberals call people who carry signs in Tea Party protests — extremists.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had a “re-branding program” designed to keep us from understanding clearly just what was happening to our financial sector and our economy.  The Bank Bailout Plan became “the Financial Stability Plan” and then morphed into “the Public-Private Investment Program.

American Thinker had an article headlined “Geithner Plan for Banks Leaked — A Trillion More Down the Toilet.” Now that’s clarity.  Secretary Geithner preferred to refer to all those toxic mortgages as “The Challenge of Legacy Assets.” Who is going to get irate about “legacy assets?”

Major Nidal Hassan was known to his military associates and superiors as a somewhat troubled personality.  They probably knew more than that, but ideas about “political correctness” and the value of “diversity” put everyone in a tolerant doze.  Consider the synonyms for “tolerance:” lenient, forbearant, permissive, indulgent, complaisant, liberal, indulgent.  Weak words for weak posturing — take no action, be kind, don’t offend,  So, quite deliberately, no one noticed that he was a little, um, extreme in his adherence to Islam, and so a lot of people died unnecessarily.

Don’t let them get away with it.  Demand truth and accuracy.  Laugh and poke fun at examples of political correctness, diversity, and multiculturalism.

All cultures are not equal.  We don’t execute people who commit adultery (or who are claimed to have) by stoning them to death. We do not throw acid in the faces of girls who commit the sin of going to school. We do not cut off noses and ears as punishment.  And in not understanding, we become pawns, and soft, and lazy — and unprepared.

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