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For Big and Little Boys Everywhere: by The Elephant's Child
August 23, 2010, 2:02 pm
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Definitely brings back memories! But why does the story come with a tag of “Nanny Government”? Is anybody preventing the manufacturing of those cap guns?


Comment by Subsidy Eye

Oh , I Don’t know

Try sending a innocent little boy outside
with a cap gun in today’s P.C environment.

Hint..It isn’t like when I was a kid.


Comment by Ron spins

I’m fascinated. Agree that the world has become too P.C. But some of the laws regarding toy guns — especially anywhere near an airport — stems from fear of attacks with real guns. So you would repeal such laws? What other post 9/11 security-justified regulations would you repeal?


Comment by Subsidy Eye

And, strictly speaking, Political Correctness is not a government phenomenon, but a social phenomenon. So I’m still puzzled why this story is labeled with the tag “Nanny Government”.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

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