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How Do We Get Rid of Political Correctness? by The Elephant's Child

How did political correctness come to be so dominant in our culture?  It is a creation of, by, and for the bureaucracy — and it says: Thou Shalt not offend! How absolutely ridiculous is that?  If you offend, you may be called down to Human Resources!  You may be called on the proverbial carpet. You may even lose your job.

To avoid offending, truth must be banished. We must think correct thoughts. We must conform. This is hardly new. George Orwell’s 1984 was published in 1949. The modern version of political correctness came about in the 1980s, and a quick visit to Wikipedia can give you the history. There are Politically Correct Dictionaries, and a website: with  links to the latest bad examples.

We laugh at examples. Everyone can come up with an absurd example that they have encountered, but it goes on, and on, and gets worse.

What started me on this train of thought was a post on the blog ‘View from the Right,’ by Lawrence Auster, on the release of the Pentagon Report on the Fort Hood Massacre:

The report states that the Army’s commitment to ethnic and racial diversity at all costs pushed career-conscious Army brass to remain silent and do nothing when Maj. Nidal Hasan repeatedly and openly expressed his belief in jihad Holy War against infidels, his hostility to the United States, and his sympathy for terrorists, even after some of his fellow officers had stated concerns about him. Among its top recommendations the report urges a downgrading of the importance of diversity in the ranks and close screening of Muslim service members for jihadist beliefs….

This is, of course, NOT what the “Pentagon Final Fort Hood Shooting Review” actually says. It is merely what it should have said. Mr. Auster includes the real story.  The underlying story, however, is horrifying. Thirteen people were killed and 32 were wounded because career-conscious Army brass were paralyzed by political correctness.

We are not alone. Many European governments bureaucracies are even more politically correct. Ever more matters on which we must conform are listed. Campus speech codes, hate speech, the mosque controversy, groups that may not be criticized, things that may not be said. The silly examples, like the small child expelled for bringing an inch-long toy-soldier gun to school, are constant, and anesthetize us to the deadly serious problems created, and the lives damaged.

What a horrible example the Pentagon final report is. People died because of political correctness, and the Pentagon remains too politically correct to say in clear language that — that is what happened. If they cannot honestly say what happened, then they cannot prevent the same thing from happening again.

Do we need instructors in precise language? Do we need classes in leadership that teach how to use the ‘REJECTED’ stamp? New classes for teacher training? Required classes for education management? Campus speech codes are illegal under the Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech, yet it takes costly lawsuits to protect students who unwittingly offend.

Multiculturalism is bunk. Some cultures are truly horrible, and some are far better than others. Diversity is nonsense. People are far more diverse by factors other than their skin color or ethnicity or gender— none of which matter much. You must be free to offend, or there can be no truth. And without truth, we’re in deep trouble.

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