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Rediscovered! Not Extinct After All! by The Elephant's Child

Here are fourteen animals thought to be extinct, and then rediscovered hundreds or thousands of years later.  The Okapi is a shy, forest-dwelling animal, first discovered in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 1901, but had not been found in the park since 1959, and was thought to have died out.  A survey in 2006 in the Virunga park found 17 okapi tracks and other evidence of its presence.  A pretty animal who looks as if he had been assembled from parts of others.

The Cuban Solenodon is not one you would care to meet in a dark alley, but interesting.  I have always been suspicious of environmentalist claims about endangered or extinct species. Wild species are usually adept at avoiding humans, and things that no longer exist in one place may simply have moved.  Plants and animals adapt, and wildlife does not always stay where we expect it to.  Rediscovered!  We humans don’t always know as much as we think we do.

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