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There’s a Kind of Obstinate Individualism in America, a Fact to Keep in Mind! by The Elephant's Child

“Recovery Summer” has meant another 283,000 lost jobs.  President Obama spoke briefly today, in the face of another 54,000 lost jobs, to say that “we are moving in the right direction.”  Well, no we’re not.  One of the problems is that the president’s words don’t seem to match the reality on the ground.

The late Daniel Boorstin, Librarian of Congress, said that Americans believe firmly that our political life is based on a perfect theory. He called it “givenness”— the idea that in some way values in America are given by certain facts of geography or history  peculiar to us.  The earliest settlers or Founding fathers equipped our nation at its birth with a perfect and complete political theory, adequate to all our future needs.  “This is the idea that the American Way of Life harbors an American Way of Thought which can do us for a political theory, even if we never make it explicit or are never in a position to confront ourselves with it.”

What circumstances of American history have made such a view possible?  The first is the obvious fact that, unlike western European countries, where the coming of the first white man is shrouded in prehistoric mist, civilization in the United States stems from people who came to the American continent at a definite period in recent history.  For American political thought this fact has had the greatest significance. …We have needed no Virgil to make a myth of the first settlement of our land or the first founding of the Republic; the crude facts of history have been good enough.”

“Life in America — appropriately called the American Experiment — has again and again been described as the test or the proof of values supposed to have been clearly in the minds of the Founders.”

When we were offered ‘hope and change’ most Americans thought that change was meant to change the quarrelsome ways of Washington DC. But that wasn’t what Obama meant.  He does not accept the notion of an American Way of Life or the American Experiment.  Americans were startled when he denied American exceptionalism — no different than any other country, he said.  Americans were shocked when he sent the bust of Winston Churchill, son of an American mother and one of our greatest heroes, back to the British.  Astounded when he bowed to an Arabian king  and a Chinese potentate.

Those facts alone sent Americans scurrying back to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — studying their history and renewing their convictions.

A near-record 14.9 million people who are unemployed, 8.9 million “involuntary part-time workers”, an $816 billion ill-advised stimulus that did not stimulate, the takeover of America’s car companies,  and a governmental takeover of the world’s best health care system with thousands of pages of regulations in an economy-destroying bill that even its author, Senator Max Baucus (D-MT), admitted that he had not read — sent Americans to town-hall meetings — to flood the offices of their representatives  with emails and phone calls.  And to their kitchen tables to hand letter signs, to the library to read up on history, and to the Mall in Washington DC to respectfully protest the actions of their government.  And to the polls in November.

As the song says — we’re never gonna stand for this.


“Never Gonna Stand for This” by The Elephant's Child

I like this one!  A marching song.  “Never Gonna Stand for This” by Teachenor Clark.

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