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The Recipe for Winning an Election? Just Watch These Democrats! by The Elephant's Child

This is hysterical.  Democrats, finally noticing the polls and the attitudes of their constituents, are running scared.  They are running away from Obama, running away from their votes to pass ObamaCare — that Americans hate —by promising to fix it.  So they look around and they see Senator Scott Brown who won ‘the Kennedy seat” — the Kennedy seat!!!!  And how did he do it?  He drove a pickup — a truck — all over Massachusetts, and looked like one of the people.

So suddenly, every panicky Democrat in a tough race is — driving a pickup!  Oh ho ho ho!


Can We Put Aside the Ideology, and Just Stop the Spending? by The Elephant's Child

President Obama has proposed a new $50 billion infrastructure program: 150,000 miles of roads; 4,000 miles of rail; 150 miles of runways, and a NextGen system for improvements to air traffic control. This is intended to be a down payment on, billions and billions of ideological claptrap including the establishment of an “Infrastructure Bank”, streamlining, environmentally sustainable (whatever that is), economically competitive and livable.

I don’t think this is going to fly with a scared Congress.  They have heard from their constituents about the spending, and an ‘Infrastructure Bank’ should be a quick loser.

The more troubling thing  is the confused ideology.  For example, High-Speed Rail will have no effect whatsoever on traffic congestion.  It sounds good, but traffic congestion is an urban problem.  High-Speed rail goes between cities, and has no influence on traffic congestion.

This compares directly with the confusion about wind and solar which supply tiny bits of power now and then, but do nothing to lessen our “dependence on foreign oil”  which is nonsense anyway, since oil is simply an international commodity and most of our “foreign oil’ comes from Canada and Mexico.

Wendell Cox, author of War on the Dream: How Anti-Sprawl Policy Threatens the Quality of Life, has been writing on transportation and sprawl for a long time.  He points out that in 2008 transit accounted for nearly 25 percent of federal highway and transit spending, but it has not meant an increase in transit ridership. Each $1.00 in new funding from gas taxes and taxpayers purchases about 60¢ in value.

Over the past 25 years, the federal government has spent more than $100 billion on transit. The reward has been a reduction of at least one-third in transit’s share of urban travel. In only one of the many urban areas in which the federal government has funded expensive new rail systems has the share of travel by transit risen more than one percentage point.

High-speed rail provides nothing new in transportation capacity that is not provided more cost-effectively by the airlines.  The ideologues believe that people would  choose to travel by transit if given a choice.

But one of the most important facts about transit is that it takes about twice as long as travel by car.  Cars represent about 90 percent of road and transit travel. This is constrained by an anti-automobile ideology which infects our urban environments.  They keep thinking up one reason after another to get us out of our cars and into their preferred mode of travel.  So they won’t make the improvements to our roads and highways that are needed.

It is pure ideology, undimmed by cost effectiveness, history of train travel, experience with transit or plain old-fashioned common sense.  We have a new light rail here in Seattle. It doesn’t go much of anywhere, and nobody rides it, but someday soon we’re sure everyone will suddenly decide that they love it.  Just you wait and see.

Governor Chris Christie is Back Again with Another Angry Teacher. by The Elephant's Child

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is back again, taking on an angry teacher. How refreshing is it to have someone speak clearly, explain the facts clearly, insist that his audience recognize the reality of the situation, without an ‘um’ or an ‘uh’, in complete sentences with all the punctuation!  And no teleprompters.  What a terrific example this man is.  I hope Republicans are observing and learning.

Remember… by American Elephant
September 11, 2010, 7:01 am
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September 11 is not a day for “national service”. It is not a day to pick up litter, it is not a day to install compact fluorescent light bulbs, it is not a day to register illegal aliens to vote. September 11 is a day to remember with absolute clarity that which many on the left are trying to obfuscate — that our nation withstood cunning, painstakingly planned attacks that were designed to destroy our economy, our defenses, and our very government all at the same time. It is a day to be acutely aware that others like them are plotting ways to launch even more devastating attacks on us.

It is a day to remember.

And in addition to remembering what happened that day, we should all remember that one of the reasons it happened is because our federal government got so big, and so corrupt, so distracted with things it should not be doing, that it utterly failed in the most important thing it is supposed to do — protect the American people.

In that vein, I re-post the following with very minor changes:

Remember the right things

Remember those who lost family, friends and loved ones. Remember them. They still grieve.

Be there for them, but let them do the grieving. It’s time for the rest of us to stop focusing on grief and remember.

Remember those who looked up at towering infernos, smelled the burning fuel, felt the heat, heard the girders buckle and groan — then gathered their courage and charged inside. Remember, especially, those who never made it back out.

But most importantly, remember what those bastards did to us:

Second Plane Hits Twin Towers

Remember airliners full of terrified men, women and children. Remember flight attendants with knives pressed to their throats.

Remember those trapped above the flames with no way out. Remember their calls to 911 operators. “Oh my God, I’m going to die!”

Remember the unfathomable choice forced on them, do they wait and burn alive, or do they jump 110 stories to their deaths?

Remember the bastards who did this to us.

Falling Man

Falling Man

Remember the passengers who knew. Remember telephone calls and last goodbyes. “I love you! …I’ve got to go now.” Remember how they fought back and sacrificed themselves — most likely saving the United States Congress in the process.

Remember the sound of the second plane full of people roaring in — so very low — and the explosive smack as it hit. Remember that split-second when you and I, and everyone across the country realized as one — this was no accident.

Remember everything those God-damned bastards did to us.

9-11 towers

Remember 2,873 savage murders.

Remember, but for the grace of God, there could have been 50,000 souls in the Trade Center had it been just a little later in the morning. Remember there were to have been more hijacked flights aimed at Chicago and Los Angeles and other cities across the country. Remember the anthrax.

Remember how close they came.

They chose their targets ruthlessly. They weren’t aiming only to kill Americans — to them, death was a fortunate consequence of their plan — they were aiming to destroy America itself.

They struck at heart of American commerce in order to destroy the economy:


They struck at the heart of American defense in order to destroy the military infrastructure:

9-11 pentagon

And they tried to strike the capitol, hoping to kill as much of Congress as possible, to destroy our government’s ability to recover. Thank God they were thwarted:

9-11 Shanksville

What would have happened to the economy with Wall Street and the financial district destroyed and congress dead? What would have happened to the military with its leadership dead? What would have happened throughout the country with Wall Street destroyed, the military command obliterated and no federal government to put things back together?

And what would have happened when additional attacks followed — as they were meant to?

Too many people think September 11th was only about killing. It was about killing — but it was about much more than that. It was about utterly destroying the entire nation. It was about bringing down America.

Remember it all. Remember everything they did. Remember how close those evil sons of bitches came.

Remember that they are working to attack us again.

[Originally published 9/11/2007]

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