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‘D’ is for DEPRESSION, ‘R’ is for RECOVERY! by American Elephant
September 15, 2010, 6:21 pm
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Yesterday, the DNC hyped that they would have a major announcement today that would excite Democrats nationwide; the implication being that the DNC had something big, something Earth-shattering that would be a game-changer. Perhaps an exciting new poll? or a dirty September surprise? After all, what could possibly excite dispirited, dejected Democrats at this point other than some good electoral news?

So what was this bombshell? Had they finally decided to listen to the American people and change direction? Did they have some new prescription to get America out of the Depression that started a year after they took control of congress and that their policies and promised policies not only caused, but are exacerbating?

Not quite.

No, they’re going to keep right on pushing the same disastrous policies. Their huge game-changing revelation is that they…wait for it… developed a new logo.

Wheeeee! </sarcasm>

Indeed, Democrats are apparently SO enamored with Obama’s car analogy (the one he’s used in campaign speeches lately in which “D” stands for “drive” and “R” stands for “reverse”),  that they invested their party identity in it — the new logo clearly evocative of the “drive’ symbol on a car’s gear shift. That is what the left does after all. They don’t change their policies when they have clearly failed — they simply change the name, get a new spokesman, or slap a new logo on it.

Indeed, there’s no better example of that than the Marxist miscreant now occupying the Oval Office. His ideas are as old as they come — command and control, centralized, dictatorial government. Indeed, he himself admitted that his party has been trying to pass socialized healthcare for a hundred years! (The obvious rejoinder to which is that Americans have been rejecting socialized medicine just exactly as long.)

But man, he sure had a sweet logo!

I would remind Obama, Democrats, and the American people, however, that “D” and “R” stand for a lot more than just “drive” and “reverse” — they also stand for words that are much more relevant this crucial election season. After the past four disastrous years of a Democrat-controlled congress, what should be crystal clear to everyone is that ‘D’ is for “Depression” (which is the only place Democrats have driven us), and ‘R’ is for recovery!

(PS: Has anyone else noticed how the Obama logo, all his graphics and now the new Democrat logo eschew the traditional blue of the American flag for United Nations cyan? Maybe it’s unintentional — not likely, but possibly unintentional — but  either way, it certainly is appropriate.)

(h/t HotAir)

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I didn’t think of that, about the cyan, but it’s an excellent point! And would definitely go along with his one world government philosophy.

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Comment by Kevin

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They don’t change their policies when they have clearly failed — they simply change the name, get a new spokesman, or slap a new logo on it.

Yup. That’s their idea of “change that matters.”


Comment by ak4mc

“D” is for “dead on arrival.”


Comment by zeusiswatching

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