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If Democrats Aren’t Socialists, Then Why Are Socialists the Only Ones Still Supporting Them? by American Elephant

Today’s leftist rally in Washington DC begs a simple question, if Obama and the Democrats are not enthusiastically pushing a socialist agenda, then why are socialists and communists just about the only people left supporting them?

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DOZENS Gather in Washington to Support Democrats by American Elephant
October 2, 2010, 5:43 pm
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(photo: CNN)

What if you held a political rally and nobody came? Despite giving out free t shirts, free entertainment, and bussing in paid union thugs, the socialist “One America” rally failed to attract anywhere near the kind of interest of recent Tea Party events. Indeed, CSPAN was so embarrassed by the pathetic turnout that they tried to pass off photos of the Glenn Beck rally as though they were pics of this failed socialist event.

(image: Politico)


In all fairness, The Daily Show‘s John Stewart and Steven Colbert will be holding another liberal rally at the end of the month, just before the election. A “Restore Sanity” rally or somesuch, which appears to mostly be a “we hate Glenn Beck” rally and will attempt to claim the mantle of “moderation” while being a rally in support of the radical left wing regime. I expect that rally will have much higher attendance than today’s did because of the celebrities and publicity. But we shall see. If that one is a flop too, it will spell utter doom for Democrats in November.

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