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Obama’s Climatism Is Driving Us Off a Cliff! by The Elephant's Child

The American people are concerned about jobs and government spending.  The spending has been largely wasted as Democrats have assumed with discredited Keynesian economics, that money put in people’s pockets would result in a “multiplier effect” as it circulated through the economy.  Didn’t work for FDR, and it didn’t work for BHO.

Oddly enough, with people suffering from homes foreclosed, unemployment still increasing, governmental attention is directed — not to actions that would encourage the private economy to invest, expand or hire — but to initiatives that will further damage the economy.

The Transportation Department and the EPA on Friday presented the potential range it is considering for fuel efficiency standards for new cars and trucks  starting in 2017. The fleet of new vehicles will have to meet a standard set somewhere from 47 mpg to 62 mpg by 2015.  The mileage gains would be the equivalent of an annual decrease in carbon dioxide emissions per mile of 3 to 6 percent. And this is a good idea because?

1) It assumes that CO2 emitted by human actions (like driving cars) are the cause of global warming global climate disruption.  This is false. In every record of any length for any period in history temperature increase precedes CO2 increase.

2) The basic cause of the collapse of the auto industry has been CAFE standards which have forced the car companies to make unprofitable small cars at a loss that meet the arbitrary fuel economy standards so that they can have the freedom to make the cars that people will buy at a profit.

3) EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said the next round of mileage standards “will accelerate the environmental benefits, health protections and clean technology advances over the long-term.  There are no environmental benefits nor health protections.  CO2 is what we exhale every time we take a breath.  Hardly “damaging” to health.  CO2 is only a tiny trace gas in the atmosphere, and CO2 reductions would be too small to be measured in the atmosphere.  “Clean” technology advances are not all that clean.  Ethanol is not only not cleaner than gasoline, it takes more ethanol to travel the same distance — it contains less power.  The EPA is also hoping to increase the amount of ethanol in gasoline.

4) The toughest efficiency standards in the range being considered would add $2,800 to $3,500 to the Price of each vehicle.  It is assumed that owners would recoup their investment in 3 to 4 years and save money over the lifetime of the vehicle, but that assumes a constant price for fuel.

5) The government expects to soon release a proposal for the first-ever fuel efficiency and emissions standards for medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks.  Environmentalists really hate SUVs and pickups.

A simple fact that escapes the administration is that automakers like to offer innovation to their customers that will improve their product.  If their engineers can figure out a way for the vehicles they make to get better mileage while preserving the things that are important to customers like safety, crash worthiness, power, they will put it in the vehicles without any governmental demands.  It’s how things are improved through competition.  When a bunch of bureaucrats order car makers to meet a mpg standard that has no relation to reality, but only meets the demands of Big Green, the wealthy environmental activist organizations that do so much to support Democrat political campaigns, car makers are simply forced to make cars lighter and less safe.

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