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Nanny Bloomberg strikes again.  I don’t understand what he can be thinking.  Does he think it is his duty as mayor to regulate what New Yorkers eat? Where did he get that idea?  Of course it is not surprising that Obama’s FDA would attempt to follow suit.  Michelle Obama seems to think that it is her job to decide what children should eat.

There are a huge number of things about our government that need attention: the spending level, the budget deficit, a major unemployment problem, our relations with our neighbors to the South and to the North.  There are some free-trade agreements still sitting in the President’s inbox, unsigned. His Justice Department seems to be out-of-control, his massive health care plan isn’t going to work.  There is really plenty to do in matters that are the responsibility of the President and they really don’t need to be telling the American people how to live.  They have misconstrued their duties.

Trillion Dollar Deficits As Far As The Eye Can See! by The Elephant's Child

The annual budget deficit of the United States of America between 1789 and 2008 never reached $500 billion.

Preliminary figures from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) show that Washington ran a $1.291 trillion deficit in fiscal 2010, just slightly less than last year’s $1.416 trillion.  As a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP), the past two years’ deficits of 10.0 percent and 8.9 percent grossly outweigh all other deficits since World War II.

Revenues were down. Business was down, unemployment up, which contributed to the budget deficit.  Low revenues are usually temporary, so once the recession ends, revenues should head back toward their historical average of 18 percent of the economy.

Spending is something else again. Federal spending reached 23.6 percent of the economy this year and 25.4 percent last year, the highest spending levels in American history outside of World War II.  President Obama’s budget would permanently maintain federal spending at these levels.

Long term budget deficits will be driven specifically by spending. Current spending trends will double the national debt and leave permanent trillion dollar deficits.

These depressing numbers come from Brian Reidl, who is a budget expert at the Heritage Foundation, and is really, really good at math.  The solution must come from the American people who need to make it clear that the spending has to stop.

Unfortunately that’s what you get when the part of the Congress that is in charge of appropriations and the budget is being run by someone who thinks that one of the best ways to create more jobs is with unemployment checks.  She said the economists told
her that.                                                                          (click to enlarge)

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