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The Election is About Ideas. by The Elephant's Child

If you haven’t voted yet, you might want to read these pieces before you do. This election is about far more than the parlous state of the economy and the dismal job situation.  Although those factors alone  should have you running to the polls.

Behind the foolish wasted stimulus, and the regulatory nightmare that has American business sitting on their hands and their potential for hiring and expansion; is a worldview that is founded on the notion that experts in the state can, by rational improvisation and enlightened regulation, improve  human nature and behavior to create a more perfect world.  We’ve seen this brave new world many times before, and seen the destruction it leaves behind. Professor Bruce Thornton writes on “What This Election Is About: The Free Individual versus the Overpowering State.”

Adam Brodsky addresses “An endless string of broken promises.” There’s one big reason Democrats face disaster Tuesday.  They’ve done almost nothing in the last two years to make anyone — left or right — want to vote for them.  In 2008, recall, they made grand promises — to their base and to the center.  They raised hopes through the roof.

Once in power, they kept virtually none of those vows.  Instead, they took a whole different path —one neither side liked.  Now they’re reaping the whirlwind.  So what’s their game plan?  Rinse and repeat.

That’s right.  President Obama and fellow Dems are again promising “change” — after the elections.  They failed the first time.  They will again.

Jon Stewart’s White-Youth Rally by American Elephant

White liberals, like those at the all-white MSNBC,  have been desperately attempting for months to smear the Tea Party as “racist” despite the fact that many Tea Party leaders, speakers, participants and Tea Party backed candidates are themselves minorities. Indeed, the propagandists at MSNBC even went so far as to claim that a man protesting Obamacare carrying a rifle over his shoulder and a handgun holstered on his hip was evidence of the racist nature of those who oppose the Obama agenda, while cropping the man’s head and hands out of the shot so their misinformed audience could not see that the armed Obama protester was a BLACK man.

So it is with particularly schadenfreudistic glee that I report not only how monochromatically WHITE the audience was at Jon Stewart’s White-Hipster-Youth Rally, but that in addition to being much less diverse than Glenn Beck’s rally, this great “progressive” show of force, was only a small fraction of the size of Beck’s rally. Considering how much they loathe Beck, and how desperately they were hoping to show him up — that’s really gotta sting.


Now, to be fair, there were at least a handful of minorities at the rally. Perhaps even a dozen or so. If you look very carefully at the Continue reading

And When The Election is Over? What Then? by The Elephant's Child

If this election is a Republican wave, then what?   President Obama is out on the campaign trail referring to Republicans as “enemies”— something he can’t even bring himself to call  the Mullahs in Iran.   Not promising.

Republicans will try very hard to limit the damage the president is doing to the economy, but the presidential veto awaits most efforts at corrective legislation.  Some think the president will have to become more bipartisan, and move to the center, as Bill Clinton did in his second term.

I think Obama is far too ideological to shift to the center.  He knows what he believes and has never shown any inclination at any time to compromise.  The action will take place in the federal bureaucracy.   He will advance the liberal agenda by administrative regulation and rule.  There is a reason why he has over 35 unconfirmed and unaccountable Czars whose actions are unreported and whose salaries and duties are unknown.  The president has already shown an inclination to get around laws he doesn’t like, rather than obey them.

How the bureaucracy works is well demonstrated by the carbon-emission limits imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The EPA is working on shutting down coal-fired power plants, and gradually eliminating the entire coal industry.  The Energy Department is working on more wind and solar installations in the name of elusive “green jobs.” The Secretary of the Interior is keeping drilling at bay.  This is major, huge, change in the way that America operates, and nobody has voted on it, or approved it.

Government Motors is turning out electric cars. The administration is subsidizing battery factories. The Senate and Natural Resources Committee approved a bill on July 21, that would allocate $3.9 billion over 10 years toward building infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, continuing their development , and for incentives to encourage consumers to buy battery powered cars.  The goal is to electrify half the country’s cars and trucks by 2030.  The justification is that this would reduce the demand for oil in the U.S. by one-third.

This is just one of several bills that passed the committee which could become part of a larger energy and climate bill.  They just won’t give up on this. The climate hasn’t warmed in the last decade.  Carbon dioxide is one of the building blocks of life, a natural fertilizer for plants, and increases in CO2 in the atmosphere (only a trace gas) follow increases in temperature— which means that CO2 cannot be the cause of global warming. Climategate?  Illegal computer hacking.

I don’t know if anyone has calculated the effect that electrifying half the country’s cars would have on our electric supply, but the brilliant radicals in the Obama administration are attempting an amazing trick.  Eliminating as much as possible of our electricity generation, and at the same time placing incomprehensible demands on it.

1) They are working hard at discouraging or eliminating drilling for oil and natural gas.  2) They are effectively eliminating any new nuclear power by denying a place to store the waste.  3) They are assuming that wind and solar energy can replace efficient coal and natural gas (they can’t).  4) Wind and solar cannot exist without vast government subsidy. 5) All these efforts are  guaranteed job killers.

Electric cars serve no purpose, neither environmental nor economic.  For a president who claims to make policy based on facts and science, lavishing huge subsidies on electric cars and on wind and solar energy is an intellectual scandal.  It is magical thinking.  Corn-based ethanol is nothing more than a taxpayer rip-off.  The administration’s supposed objectives — reducing carbon emissions and reducing dependence on “foreign oil,” are either blatant lies or slavish adherence to the cult of the environment.

That’s just the part that will be accomplished in the bureaucracy with regulation of energy and transportation (don’t forget the high-speed train scam).  ObamaCare has been passed into law, and the 99 departments already created can now begin to create other rule-making departments.  The mischief that can be done is endless.Big Government at its worst.

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