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Election Day, 2010. by The Elephant's Child
November 2, 2010, 7:14 am
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Forgive me, but I want to complain a bit.  Here in Washington State, we now have all vote-by-mail ballots.  This came about after a couple of elections in which the vote was clearly fraudulent, and one in which a number of ACORN activists were prosecuted.

Then we had the “Secretary of State Project” in which Democrats plowed lots of money into the Secretary of State races with the intention of electing Democrats to that position because Secretaries of State control election procedures. Suspicious? Perish the thought.

Our state has also switched to a top two primary system in which the top two vote-getters in the primary will move on to the general election, regardless of party affiliation.  And no one belongs to a party any more.  They get a discreet line on the ballot that says “prefers Republican party” or “prefers Democrat party.” Isn’t that precious?

I always looked forward to election day.  I have never missed an election since I first became eligible.  I liked going to my polling place, signing in, filling out my ballot and seeing it firmly into the voting machine.  I liked seeing people from my neighborhood that I saw at no other time.  I liked the ladies who worked at the polling place. I liked the flags outside the polling place.  I looked forward to everyone voting on the same day.  It has always been a big deal to me.

I mailed my ballot in last week.  Will it be counted?  Our Secretary of State has cleaned up the rolls, removing dead people and, thanks to a new legal ruling, removed felons from the rolls.  Nevertheless, the vote-by-mail system is usually sold to people by its “convenience.” The potential for voting fraud is very high. Even with laws that require states to send out military ballots in plenty of time for them to vote, a lot of our military did not get their ballots.

I don’t like voting by mail!   In Connecticut they apparently know the results of the election on election day.  Here it takes days and days.  We are often the last in the country to find out the results of an election.  By the time the results for all the races are in, the papers have forgotten about it and moved on to other things.

I want my Election Day back!

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