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Obama: Historic Defeat Shows Americans Want More of My Deeply Unpopular Policies or something by American Elephant
November 3, 2010, 2:19 pm
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Obama before the election: Oh yeah, this election is a referendum on my agenda:

“My name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out,” Obama said Tuesday afternoon during an appearance on the Rev. Al Sharpton’s radio show.

Obama after the election: Biggest defeat in 70 years proves Americans love my policies and want to step on the gas! :

“We’d be misreading the election if we thought the American people want to see us, for the next two years, relitigate arguments we had over the last two years,” Obama said when asked about Republican promises to dismantle the health-care legislation.

…When he was reminded that one in two voters said they opposed the health-care bill, Obama shot back that the statistic “also means one out of two voters thinks it was the right thing to do.”

…He said that his policies had made the economy better, but that “clearly too many Americans haven’t felt that progress yet, and they told us that yesterday.”

Now, of course it’s a complete lie that one out of two voters approve of Obamacare. The truth is that 58%  of likely voters, just two days ago, said they favor complete repeal of Obamacare (keep in mind, Obama only won the presidency with 53%) and only 36% oppose repeal.

That’s a mandate. And Obama cannot make it go away with his silver-tongued lies.

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