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The Morning After a Tidal Wave: by The Elephant's Child

What a wonderful tidal wave!  Or call it “The Surge.” Yet like many, I probably had my hopes a little too high.  I really thought that Sharon Angle could defeat Harry Reid, but I will have to be consoled with Chuck Schumer’s disappointment.  I was hoping that Sean Bielat could take down Barney Frank, an eventuality much to be desired.

I was hoping for some progress in California, but they apparently prefer to continue their slide into the abyss.  And Washington being Washington, we will have to wait and wait for the final count on the Murray/Rossi race.  Washington is a very blue state: King County vs. the rest of the state.

Lots of exciting outcomes.  Marco Rubio is a new Senator and an impressive one.  The execrable Alan Grayson is history.  The Republican takeover of the House of Representatives is huge, a gain of 60 seats with 11 still to be decided,  and a rebuke to Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  Five more governors with 4 yet to be decided,  and a stunning sweep of state legislatures.

Everybody is full of advice for he new Congress, yet we still have to do with the old difficult one.  The lame duck session should be interesting.

President Obama clearly doesn’t get it.  With a depressed, deer-in-the-headlights attitude, he argued that the problem was really the economy he inherited — we were voting against Bush? — and we are really angry that his agenda just isn’t progressing fast enough.  He is talking down to us again, and he seems hurt that we don’t appreciate him enough.  He wants to push ahead with his agenda, only faster.

So he’s off to India with an entourage reminiscent of all the opulence of a Rajah in the olden days. Two hundred million dollars a day, is the estimate.  He really, really doesn’t get it.


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I will agree with you that Obama is spending to much money especially this trip to India but we can’t afford a lame duck session of 2 years. Our economy will not last. Either Obama listens to those that voted and compromises with the republicans or we are screwed because the republicans are “not compromising”. Sadly, the route he seems to be taking of pushing forward with his agenda is going to lead to a stalemate at the cost of Americans. To bad Republicans are going to get a bad reputation (again) for what’s about to happen. The democrats will spin all this off as if the republicans are stopping all economic growth and perhaps justly so. The unemployment rate has decreased significantly since Obama took office. Perhaps, Republicans are in the wrong.


Comment by lilmommacass

The “Lame Duck Session” lasts only until the new Congress takes over in January. After that, the Republicans control the purse strings. There will be no more big spending, no more bailouts. Republicans are prepared to do battle, hopefully enough. Obama seems to be completely oblivious to the desperate financial situation. He clearly doesn’t understand much economics, and he seems to believe all the “jobs created and saved” nonsense generated by the Keynesian computer programs. If he had any sense of the economic state of the country, he wouldn’t be spending so opulently himself — it just looks really bad when so many people are hurting, and it just doesn’t penetrate.

The unemployment rate was 4.4% just before Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats took over the House of Representatives in 2006. Please remember that the House appropriates and refuses to appropriate. They control the budget. Obama did inherit a recession, but he decided what to do about it. Every new president inherits an economy for good or ill. Bush inherited a recession in 2000. Obama’s response was misguided and was guided by Keynesian economics which has never worked. Unemployment has only risen under Obama, and the official figure is now 9.6%– as a nationwide average. In many places it is far higher, in the Midwest, the Valley in California, Nevada. And that only refers to those who are actively looking for work.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

@lilmommacass – take solace in the showdown over Obamacare. The GOP knows they can’t repeal it, but they are drawing a line in the sand, saying “the majority of America wants this mess repealed, we are gonna do it cause we listen to the people now, Mr. Obama, your move?” And of course obama will veto anything having to do with it. The GOP is setting this up for a 2012 presidential win, its all they can do about obamacare.

As far as the economy not being able to take it. Extend the tax-cuts and get out of the way, the economy will take care of the rest. The problem is Obama can’t seem to let capitalism do its business. There is not much the GOP congress can do to “help” the economy, unless they can start cutting regulations and crap, which won’t happen.

Get used to a stalemate for the next 2 years. I look forward to it. Our government has been passing legislation that previously would have taken months or years of debate in less than a week, we need to slow the f**k down. Our government is not supposed to move that fast.


Comment by fleeceme

We did very well in Florida. Alan West, Daniel Webster, Marco Rubio. Sen-elect Rubio is saying the right things (not always to the enjoyment of a lot of Republicans either), and I hope he proves a true leader.

At the statewide level, Republicans pretty much swept away all opponents, and did well in some legislative races that potentially makes for a very productive relationship with the new Governor.


Comment by zeusiswatching

@theelephantschild I was getting that statistic about the unemployment from MSNBC, I looked it up online since your remark and discovered that you were actually correct. Yet another example of how disgusting the media is–you simply cannot trust it. I should have known by now. But oh well.
@fleeceme I am not content with a stalemate for the next two years. They need to slow down on legislation-you are correct, ironic isn’t it that most democrats voted republican because changes weren’t “swift” enough? I am anxiously awaiting action from the republicans because if they can pull through and successfully defend their campaign promises (minus the drastic cuts to medicare, social security and the dept. of education) I will be on board helping get them the president seat in 2012. As for right now, I stand very skeptical. I expected the republicans to take the house, I do not expect them to follow through–I have been burned to many times and it is to the point that I am ready to take Washington head on–although this is impossible. I’m still doing research and I need to be more thorough with my research as demonstrated above.


Comment by lilmommacass

You DID do very well in Florida,Zeus! We were rooting for those three.

Nobody is looking forward to a stalemate, lil momma cass. Be patient. The president still has a veto, though Harry Reid may not be able to hold the Senate. A lot of Senators will be up for reelection in 2012.

Republicans have a lot of tactics up their sleeves, and are pretty united. But they will need our patience and encouragement. When guys sign up for the military, they expect to do battle. These guys are politicians, accustomed to applause.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

President Obama does not get it.
He thinks the problem is the economy isn’t
recovering fast enough.
His big government policies (Obamacare)is the best
example …HAVE BEEN Rejected!
The Republican Wave was sent TO STOP HIM!
Here is proof he does not “get it”.

The way Obamacare was crammed down our throats
energized the Tea party.
Remember the Town Hall meetings?


Comment by Ron spins

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