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Americans Want a Do-Over! by The Elephant's Child

The president’s post-electoral press conference was noted for his complete refusal to recognize what had happened.  “We got a shellacking,” he said, but he didn’t mean it.  He insisted that the American public was just worried about the economy and jobs, and impatient to see results.

Spending went up only because he and his team were forced to deal with a crisis.  The election merely convinced him that his priorities will not change. The American people do not want to re-litigate the past, he said. Yes they do. That is exactly what they meant.  They want ObamaCare repealed. That was their number one issue.

Democrats were determined to push health care through, without the inconvenience of anyone actually reading the bill, because they were convinced that it was something Americans really wanted, and as soon as they passed it, people would be pleased.  They regarded the objections to ObamaCare as simply Republican obstructionism paid for by Big Pharma and Big Health-insurers. Once health-care reform was actually put into effect, people would quickly come to love it. The American people don’t want some ninety-odd agencies standing between them and their doctor.

Democrats, including Max Baucus — who supposedly wrote it — admitted frankly that they hadn’t read the bill.  Oddly enough, a significant number of the dumb peasants out in flyover country did read parts of it, and they didn’t like what they read. And they discussed it and thought about it and discussed it, and became convinced that it simply would  not work.

Obama paraded a group of doctors in white coats, but in this election 42 doctors (35 M.D.s, 5 D.D.S., an optometrist and a psychologist) were running for national office.  That tells you what the doctors think.  34 oppose ObamaCare.  When the AMA came out in support of the health-care overhaul, the AMA lost approximately 21,000 members.  I know of 2 physicians who were running for the legislature here.  An earlier survey by Investors showed that over 40% of doctors would seriously consider leaving the profession if health-care reform became law.

“Nothing soured voters on Obama’s big-government agenda as much as the health-care bill,” said Cato’s Michael Tanner.  “Democrats who supported Obamacare went down to defeat in disproportionate numbers.” Democrats seem bewildered by the public’s lack of enthusiasm, but a little questioning makes it clear that they don’t know what is in the bill, and upon hearing what is in it, quickly admit that there are things that need to be fixed.

Too many. Big ideas, ill-considered, unworkable, with what seem like unlimited unintended consequences already afflicting us all.

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